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  1. He does indeed haha! Is there a temp to aim for with the sea brass or just put it on for about an hour?
  2. I’m thinking salt lemon and lime? Go citrus base
  3. I think there might be a slight bug on this forum where in the email about a reply it shows the second to last thing somebody said rather than the last haha
  4. Sea bream is the fish! I’ll use a bit of each charcoal then!
  5. Hey guys! Some of you know me, some don’t. Got into smoking last weekend, had some funny failures with my Landmann Kentucky offset smoker! Regardless of whether my lamb got finished in the oven, we had some fun and even more laughs when we realised I wasn’t using my charcoal grill! Anyway, here’s weekend 2. My self adhesive stove rope has arrived, I’ve got some Weber briquettes, and a chimney charcoal starter now. Today I try a whole chicken and a whole fish! Wish me luck. and ofcourse it wouldn’t be a post from me without a question. I have lumpwood and briquettes, do I use a bit of both... or? Thanks guys! Tal
  6. WOOHOO! Oh god I don’t know what to say, first of all i’d like to thank my mother for always believing in me, all my friends over at the woodsmokeforum who supported me along the journey to become, I can’t believe I’m saying it, rookie of the year! This award is going top shelf in my smoke shed👨🏽‍🍳
  7. In my head I was like ‘ah they might fall through that may as well put em on the bottom’ Not my brightest moment, nevertheless a piece of woodsmoke amateur history now.
  8. What I’ve done instead of the clamp is tied rope around the handle and to the leg and I simply tighten it and pull the knot on the leg down to close it tighter but it wasn’t very on the spot quick fix. I’ll look into getting a clamp
  9. I’m not quite sure what you mean by the right angle metal. I plan to just put the 15mm role along the firebox lid and the gap where the lid goes, and then the 25mm along the back and sides of the main chamber and the main chamber lid, but I may leave the front as the lip sits quite nicely anyway! Once all that is fitted, I’ll smoke something next weekend using the grate as well and hopefully we’ll see some improvement! I could get it to 250 F by blowing rather hard on the coal but as soon as I stopped it would just slowly decrease down until about 150, which would take about 15/20minutes.
  10. I just realised there’s photos in the Landmann thread so no biggie @Icefever. Yeahp @HeyBertHeyErnie asked if I was using the grate and I wasn’t so that’ll stop oxygen flow
  11. Hahahah we sussed it guys! That plus the seal and I’ll be up and away!
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