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A while ago I was recommended to buy zelite knives. The cost was always prohibitive. But put a tracker on them on Amazon and overnight a lot of their knives have dropped £10-40 

After a bit of advice, I was originally looking for an all purpose knife that would do, for just general raw meat cutting and vegetable chopping in the home. Was originally thinking of this one but before purchasing, is their a better one in their range for up to £50 than this, for my needs?

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On 3/25/2019 at 8:03 AM, Icefever said:

Those are the ones I bought,  3 in total,  but I do love them.. 



Bought the 8" chefs knife and a carving knife in their series. Like the Dutch Oven hope it will be a worthwhile investment in a well made, long life product. 

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I have had a Victrinox boning knife and 12” steak. Cutting knife for over 29 years, have had them hollow ground twice and I still love them. Like Justin, I love my full set of Globals, I purchased my first one in 1999 and I still get an amazing edge to it using a wet stone and ceramic sharpener.

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