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Newbie to the world of woodsmoke


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Hi All

my name is Paul and would like to introduce myself to the forum,thanks to wade and Steve for accepting me and making me feel welcome, have BBQ’d for years mainly using Webber kettles have always loved smoked meat and fish and always wanted to give it ago recently completed a hot/coldsmoking course and was thoroughly hooked brought myself a stove top smoker where I have done some hot smoked salmon that was not to bad for a first attempt,also purchased a callow cook4all smoker after seeing wades review which is also how I found the forum looking forward to having a play. My first question is how do people source there lumps of wood for your hot smokers ? I was thinking to try and find a joinery shop and ask nicely for some off cuts of Oak ect I’m in Milton Keynes if anyone knows how I can source would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to chatting with you all and gaining any knowledge I can thanks.


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I saw this newbie thread and thought it best to enter here. I'm a first-time so please be gentle.

I'm Steff and like Paul a newbie when it comes to smoking meat. I started on a Weber Kettle and had pretty good results. I then decided to upgrade to a bullet smoker and purchased a second hand ProQ Amigo.

Smoking on the Amigo has taken me back to the beginning of my smoking journey. Having been able to sustain good temperature control on the Weber, I find the Amigo harder to do this with. I followed the same procedure as smoking on a BBQ: Chimney Starter, onto a some fresh coal, heat to temp and then add the water pan then of course the meat.

However, I've noticed the temp drop very rapidly even with boiling water in the pan. Is this supposed to happen?

I'm also concerned that the double grill racks place the water pan directly above the coal, which in my mind doesn't leave a lot of space for the fire to burn.

If I'm missing something blindingly obvious please share, I'd really like to get to the stage where I can smoke on the Amigo and grill on the Weber at the same time.

Any help gratefully received,






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