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Race Day Pork


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Couple of pork leg joints today!!

Not the best but both were £5-6 in Aldi 

I have removed the skin from 1 but the other is a bit too scrappy and will fall apart.

Rubbed up with Brown sugar, paprika, garlic celery salt, black pepper and a touch of curry powder.


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9 minutes ago, Gaza the Instructor said:

How well does the baffle plate work on temp stability?

I own and have used on a regular basis for the last 12 years a 22" WSM as of the moment it

is totally unmolested and is a great bit of kit.

However I have just ordered one of these.


Did you mention the forum??  as Oliver is on here....it looks good,  you can review it later..👍



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Works great, takes a while to heat up at its own speed but I tend to hit it with a blow torch to speed things along.

Once up to temp it’s incredibly stable as a big chunk of steel holds its temp very well.

Hated the water pan as it gave me no room in the coal chamber and found it messed with the temps if water was added. Not too mention wrapping or cleaning the thing ;)

I no longer use any moisture in the cooker other than spraying with cider vinegar, can’t see me going back and changing anything again. 

The only regret is that I wish I’d bought a bigger plate so I could hang it from the shelf lugs a little lower as that might speed up the initial heating phase.

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On 7/5/2020 at 8:23 PM, Gaza the Instructor said:

Ohh yes Brioche Buns at the ready with a little salad and a nice tangy bbq sauce?

I can almost smell that from here.:huh:

Eek not he dreaded brioche bun, sweetened bread.  Nope

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