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Basting Brush


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Bought the Master Blaster Basting Mop last month, used a few times seems very well fixed to the wooden holder, goes in the dishwasher and coats the meat very well with thick sauces or thinner vinegar sauces or butter. Prefer it to the silicone brush I previously used as it seems to hold more sauce for covering the meat with each mop, but sure they both do the equivalent job, just as well overall

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Thanks for all your help, a bit of a mission for me, so hope helped everyone as well

Lots and lots of checking and I have seen video yesterday of Nandos in Putney, London filmed that clearly shows grill chefs using mob, well it’s a flattish wide brush really, amazing right?

I can not tell the exact brush, I will have a look around and post back when I order



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I've used paint brushes in the past (obviously not used for painting). Just make sure they're decent quality and given them a good clean beforehand, but it worked alright. I do prefer the silicone brush though I must say, as the brush soaked up a lot of the marinade.

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