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Santa Maria grill

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15 minutes ago, Diggerg said:

@Smokin Monkey is there a solid base under the fire bricks? How big is the grill area on yours? The one I'm looking at is 800*400mm

BBQ mates aren't a million miles from me so may take a trip and have a look.

Yes it is solid Stainless Steel under the firebricks, and its 700mm x 450mm so pretty much the same.

They have several models available.

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We'll after 3 months off furloughed in back in the shop. 😄 Made a bit of progress the last couple of lunchtimes. 

Need to machine the liners for the winding gear in the legs and suss out the ratchet lock. Cut stainless bottom for the fire bricks to sit on. Build fire grate in left side. Plate sides. Blast. Paint. Not much left to do 😂😂😂




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May or may not be of interest to you? A guy I subscribe to on Youtube has just completed a Santa Maria Grill upgrade. Some interesting ideas in there.

There is a total of 3  video's in the Project series, this is the final one, easy to find the other 2 if any use to you. Also some cooks he has done on them in others as well


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