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The Humble Burger


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I know I love to low and slow and think of various methods of cooking/ smoking etc but there is one thing that will always remain in the top ten for me and that’s a good burger.

Stopped by at Cheerbrook Farm Shop today near Nantwich and picked up a few steak burgers.

Grilled over lump wood at high temperature on the Smokey Joe; toasted fresh roll and lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, mustard and ketchup.


P.S - I also bought an Angus Brisket point, so hopefully attempting Burnt Ends tomorrow!!.


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41 minutes ago, Diggerg said:

I like to also do a lamb burger with a lump of feta in. 😋😋

Never done lamb burgers, but love feta, usually add some chunks to lamb kleftico or in the middle of chicken breast wrapped in Parma Ham

Started mixing  Pork Mince with Beef Mince 15/85 ratio for my burgers with a teaspoon of ground cumin and red pepper flakes to the complete mix, nice flavour, usually do a 50/50 mix of these 2 minces  for Gyro meatballs, and found most of the ingredients from these  work well with the burgers for my tastes

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I do love a burger. Quite often I will make the classic, 20% fat mince and use a burger press I got a couple of Christmas’s ago. Press the patty to 1/4 size and then 3 minutes on each side over a chimney of lumpwood. Stick the cheese on for the last minute and it is nice and soft. 

Nice and simple, but when done right it is definitely a great meal. 

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