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Where to buy dry rub shakers?

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When I've looked online, the only ones I've seen are metal ones or glorified sugar shakers.

Am trying to find a clear plastic one with decent-sized holes in the top (ie bigger than a salt shaker) - any ideas?

Might be worth me just making my own with a plastic food container etc?

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1 hour ago, Phlashster said:

Thanks @sub333

I was going to ask this :)

@sotv That medium stainless one looks the business. 



It has served me well for nearly 2 years and still looks good as new and the plastic cap to keep any leftover fresh for a week or 2 is good. Originally bought a cheapo fine mesh one but even though I grind my rubs in a spice grinder first, it was still to slow and difficult to shake it out.

This one works great for me. As i say there are cheaper versions, how they compare in the long term can't say.

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11 hours ago, sotv said:

I have this one from Amazon chose it because of the plastic lid to put over top to keep contents fresh, if not all used first time and I have prime so don't pay delivery. Cheaper options available though if you search spice shakers on Amazon

Look the same as they sell in Wilko’s

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