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Hi From Staffordshire


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Hi all,

Been looking to get into bbqing for a while and am looking to get involved in the UK smoking community for tips and help.

I am looking to buy this smoker as it seems like a cost effective starter for offset smoking and is made of decent gauge steel (3.5mm) including the main chamber having asked the seller.


Any experience of using it on here or thoughts?


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Welcome to the forum @Montyb82  I can't help you with this make/model,  I do have an offset (Landmann) but after a year or so I find I prefer the bullet type more.  What are your thoughts on what you want to cook/smoke??.  I find mine cumbersome to move about, whereas my bullet you can carry it very easy.....and it does what I want, for almost the same money you could buy a top notch bullet.

Just my 2 cents.


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47 minutes ago, Simon said:

Hi Montyb82. Welcome to the group. Have you read any other reviews on that smoker? From what I see on the forum offset smokers can need some modifications, but guys here can help you with any issues. 

Yeah I've looked at reviews and all seem positive although not a lot of reviews sadly, I've come to expect that it will need some mods and to be honest I like the idea of customisation 

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Hi Montyb82 and welcome to the forum

Many people when they first start thinking about smoking are tempted by the type of offset smoker that you are looking at - mainly because it is what people first imagine when they think of American BBQ. The offset smokers are great when they are large and are used to feed crowds however they don't scale down that well and, like @Icefever you will move across to a bullet smoker. To put things in perspective, on the BBQ competition circuit over 75% of the smokers used are bullet type - either Weber Smoky Mountain, ProQ, Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) or similar.

If you are looking to create great BBQ with the minimum of fuss then I would suggest you look carefully at something like the ProQ Frontier Elite at ~£295. Here are some examples of the bullet smokers in use at recent BBQ competitions:



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Hi @Montyb82 welcome. I was in a similar boat and went with the 57cm WSM. It's a little big for me and the OH but I'm glad of the extra capacity when i need it. I'd agree with @Wade and say a bullet is a great place to learn. I think either way you go you'll have a great time. 

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I am at the Tony Stone KCBS competition near Amsterdam at the moment and wKlalked around all of the teams (60+ international teams) and I could only find one team using a small offset smoker like the one you were looking at - and they told me that they were not using it for competition meat. Again, most tesms were using a combination of bullet, kettle and Kamado smokers

The token small offset...


Most teams are using a combination of these...



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2 hours ago, Montyb82 said:

I've bit the bullet literally and figuratively and ordered the ProQ frontier elite

I bought the same one a few weeks ago – very happy with it.

Welcome to the forum, too. There are some seriously knowledgeable people on here for rookies like me 😀


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