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Inedible Chicken wings.


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Hi All,

I'm ashamed to announce that after 40 yeas plus of BBQ'ing I've managed to make something totally inedible. It the past i may have produced the odd item that could be described as "well done"  or perhaps a trifle dry, but yesterday I surpassed myself, the subject of my shame the humble chicken wing.  Below is my tale of woe,

The wife is away for the weekend. so its BBQ Sunday!

Check the freezer for something to cook, and come across a carton of "basics" chicken wings they look OK but a bit plain so lets try and improve them. So far so good but its down hill from now on.  I've had success in brining chicken breast for the stir fry so decide to do a similar thing with the wings, but as I'm in a hurry I don't bother to measure anything out,  more is better right? Then to compound matters  i forget about the things. So what I ended up with was chicken wings in a supersaturated salt solution for about 24 hours! Finally just to make sure things go wrong I give the wings a cursory rinse rather then the minimum hour shower then needed.  The outcome was something so salty even the dog wouldn't touch it,.  A lesson to myself that's its all in the preparation i think!





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