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Afternoon from Sandbach, Cheshire


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Hi All, 

Great sure, been reading plenty and learning a lot. 

Recently invested in a Kamado Joe Big Joe. Looking to up my game, maybe to see if there are any local ish events that I can mooch around and shoot the breeze with people who actually know how to run a pit....I’m just playing at it right now but i just love it!

Keep up the good work and I’ll see what I can contribute. 

Anyone looking to hook up for beer and meat in the vicinity I’d love to meat others who like the same stuff as me!



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Looking forward to your adventures, show us your cooks and hopefully you will find lots of helpful people and resources. I have been on the forum since last March 2018 and I have found and continue to find many friends and much help.  The tailgates are great fun. I have organised the inaugural spring Anglia and Southeast one for next weekend, and I am going to the Midlands, Northern and National ones through the year. Hope to see you at one of those certainly at least the national one.

I learnt lots by going to those including cold smoking and charcuterie. Now I am getting into all grain brewing too, all through the inspiration derived from this forum

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Just pay for the pitch at the cmap site, (for the Northern one Smokin monkey (Steve) cna book for you) for your tent or trailer or campervan. Bring some food you want to cook and share and your bbq and drinks. tables shelter chiller supplies like foil and clingfilm and serving conntiners hot water heaters etc etc all supplied, supplied, cheap weekend out and enjoy the company  cooking food and dink. What is not to like?


In the longer run if you like to get involved contribute to costs, forum shop subscription etc, up to you

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Oh and do not assume we are all good we are not, we have our strengths like you do and we learn. Get involved or help some one out. I love ot have people cooking with me so you and your partner could happily cook alongside me on my dishes as much or as little as you desire

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