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  1. Hi guys, first dabs at mozzarella. It was done overnight using ProQ as chap at work likes it double depth smoke! set up with cold smoker on one side of KJ with bottom vent fully opened and top vent opened a small amount. Used apple. I really need to turn these and rotate so the colour is more uniform but started at 10pm for a rush job so this is the result. Just realised I don’t have an after picture! Turned out great.
  2. It’ll have to be the northern one, but thanks, I had a look at the site for Holme valley and that’s doable for me in September. Ill book direct, there is still a pod free....see you there I guess
  3. What do I have to do to get to this tailgate? Am ok to just rock up and shoot the shit, I’m not good enough to perform yet.... do i need to pay and to whom?
  4. The tailgate sounds mint, I’ll have a look. thanks all for the welcome, hope to meet you all soon. ....checking with the wife on the tailgate.....
  5. Hi All, Great sure, been reading plenty and learning a lot. Recently invested in a Kamado Joe Big Joe. Looking to up my game, maybe to see if there are any local ish events that I can mooch around and shoot the breeze with people who actually know how to run a pit....I’m just playing at it right now but i just love it! Keep up the good work and I’ll see what I can contribute. Anyone looking to hook up for beer and meat in the vicinity I’d love to meat others who like the same stuff as me! cheers!
  6. LanQBBQ

    The madness begins

    Hi, I have a Pro-Q CSG and KJ Big Joe, can I ask how you set up in your Kamado? I seem to find the cavernous size of the joe prohibitive to the size of the CSG. Longs smokes aren't just as smoky as my previous smaller BBQs. Appreciate I'm kind of answering my own question (get a smaller BBQ/box) but I'm trying us work with what I have.
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