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Good evening,

My name is David, I have been fascinated with the art of cooking over solid fuel for many years now and I have always looked at means to improve the way I do things. I started with the direct cook from the age of about 8. My first smoking tool was the smokenator on the Weber kettle which I purchased about 8 years ago and concentrated on baby backs and more forgiving cuts such as pork shoulder. 18 months ago I purchased the Weber Summit Charcoal and have smoked a number of brisket flats, baby back and St Loius’s.  I Also dabble in Sous Vide with finishing over the grill but I am now looking to taking all cooking to the next level and I am looking forward to the knowledge I can hopefully gain on this site. I am smoking my first whole brisket in a couple of weeks. Greetings all!

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Hi David and welcome to the forum

The Weber Kettle is one of the most versatile all-round smokers that you can start with. It will hold steady temperatures foe long periods of time and id great for grilling, hot roasting, hot smoking and cold smoking. I have had a play with the Weber Summit but the price has been the barrier to me owning one so far.

The Smokenator came a little too late for me as I had already developed my techniques for low-and-slow in the Kettle, though I have used one and it worked well. Do you have any photos of it in action?

As you will have already discovered the quality of the meat plays a big part in the end result. Will you be getting your brisket from a local producer/butcher. Have you had thoughts of how you are going to prepare it? A whole brisket is A LOT of meat. Let me know if you need someone to help you eat it once it is smoked 😀.

As you will have seen, we have some very keen Sous Viders here and it will be great to hear what you have cooked so far. Don't forget - it is not only what has turned out well but it is also good to hear about the things that have not. Learning from others bad experiences is just as important.

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Hi Wade,

Thanks for the welcome. The brisket I am smoking is native breed cattle and is dry aged for 28 days. I buy most of my meat on line from Ripon of a company called ‘Taste Tradition’ and have it delivered as I travel with work and time isn’t always on my side.  I know time will be limited next weekend I am going to inject and then use ‘Oakridge black Ops’ rub.

I am also intending to smoke 6 racks of rare breed pork baby backs - with these I am going to give a light dusting of Meat Church Honey Hog Jalapeño and then a second dusting using the std Honey Hog rub. The weather forecasted is interesting so it will be good to see how the Summit performs over a cold night. I’m going to monitor the cooks with both the MEATER+ and the iGrill.

I have been Sous Vide cooking for about 4 years now and have done many things but the Technology and availability has certainly improved since I started and my kit is still original and to be honest has been on the back burner for a bit. Yes you are right the Smokenator is a great bit of kit. It took some getting used to at first and I made lots of errors, I will have some pictures somewhere i’ll Dig some out.

i am dragging the Tandoor oven out this weekend just to do some sheek kebabs and a bit of either Tikka or Tandoori chicken, 

‘I have have been cooking on the Tandoor for about 10 years and I always enjoy getting it out.


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