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For Forum members in the East Midlands to chat to one and other, recommend good butchers, charcoal suppliers even BBQ Restaurants.
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  2. Hi everyone can you help me find distributors/buyers of coconut charcoal briquettes in the middle east? your information is very helpful for my survival ️ 😁✌️ thank you
  3. Up to date details in various threads on main site about this get together here under Midland Tailgate
  4. Can not see any charge for Day Visitors. We call always discuss this with the site, if we get enough and sure it would be free.
  5. I will confirm over the weekend but it was either £4 or £5 for day visitors
  6. Great. Is there a charge for day visitors? (which anyone using a hotel etc would be) Phil.
  7. It is not the cheapest option Trivago website will give you the best price for the weekend for Lea Marston Hotel, Other options are Travelodge at M42 Junction 10 Services or Tamworth Town Centre both within 4 or 5 miles of the venue and usually have offers on rooms available from £25 a night and also Black Friday offers which is coming soon.
  8. We used to have our company Christmas Parties there, it’s a nice place to stay.
  9. I guessing pricing is very reasonable. I am interested. Just talking with Lindsey if she would want to go in which case we would not camp. I have diaried this to book in Jan as every time I book early the various campsites loses my booking, that or Steve and Wade are stitching me up each time! But either way I will be there
  10. Pleased to announce the 1st Midland Tailgate & BBQ Weekend. This will held the weekend of 5th - 6th June 2020 The venue is, Marsten Caravan & Camping Park Address, Kingsbury Rd Sutton Coldfield B76 0DP United Kingdom Telephone number, 01675 470902 We will be using the booking code Tailgate 20 ( so we can all be booked in the same area) Contact the site and book your own pitch. This will be a free and easy weekend, where like minded folk meet and BBQ. You can either Cook on your own pitch or cook on the main cooking pitch. We aim to eat as a group at approximately 17.30. Great weekend to get together and enjoy a beer, chat BBQ and eat some great food. TARIFF Caravan, Motorhome, Trailer Tent Pitch Rate 1 Adult £14.00 2 Adults £18.00 Family, 1 or 2 Adults + 2 Under 13 £18.00 Tent per night up to 4 Persons 1 Adult £14.00 2 Adults £16.00 Family, 1 or 2 Adults + 2 Under 13 £16.00 Pup Tent 1 Adult £12.00 2 Adults £14.00 Additional Charges per night Adult £4.00 Child (under 13) £2.00 Gazebo £2.00 £4.00 token for washing machine....£3.00 token tumble drier Pup Tents with Caravans charged at Tent rates. Awning Small £1.00, Large £2.00 per night No charge for toilets or showers.
  11. I get back from Birmingham on Thursday night. If I went on Friday (<10% chance i reckon) then I would need to freeze whatever i bought anyway. Phil.
  12. Looks like it finishes on the 4th June, no chance of getting there before your away?? Ice.
  13. Unfortunately I am away from this weekend until the start of June. No more fun for me until the weekend of 8th June! 😢 When do the magazines get sent out? Maybe next months offers will be good too. Phil.
  14. @sotv just checked it is showing on the Warwick site, so will be treating ourselves to one of those this weekend. Ice.
  15. Appears to be. You can see it in the latest magazine prices valid to 4th June.Hopefully this link will work to show you the advert. Whether it is available in all stores nationally, I don't know. But maybe give the butcher a ring first to save a wasted journey?
  16. Is that chilled?? the reason I ask is we often buy large joints and cut them down to a size that suits us. We're off over there this week I'm up for a Tri-tip. hoping that the Proq will be here then I can do a burn, then cook on it for the bank holls. Ice.
  17. I did the same with Dave at Warwick as well, said he'll try his best for whatever I ask for. He also said he's been invited to join the Team GB at a butchering contest, they came in at 4th last year hoping for a better place this time. Ice.
  18. Bookers have 5 rib beef on offer at £6.99 Kg at the moment. Bit big for just 2 of us in our household @ 8kg. But something I would love to cook lo&slo one day on my smoker. Some great Blogs and video's of people that have done though.
  19. Looks like I am off to Bookers in a couple of weeks then. Two foot long? Wow, might not even fit any the freezer! Thanks gents.
  20. @Phlashster, Ice has put you on the right track. Bookers is generally good for meats. Meaty Ribs in the yellow boxes are good, usually get five Ribs per box, they are a good two foot long. Have a look at the frozen Pork Collars, I use these for things like Pulled Pork etc. Talked to the butcher in May local Bookers (Mansfield) and he seemed confident he could get most cuts if you give him enough warning. When I was in there, he was butchering a whole Lamb, so I had both Rib Sections which included the Breast.
  21. My nephew recommends his local farmshop to me in Nuneaton Tomlinson Farm Shop haven't been over there yet, hoping to in the next few weeks. But assures me there Dexter beef is fabulous. If you fancy it and worth the travel?, may be worth giving them a ring to see if they have the meat you want? Prices seem very comparable with a high street butchers and may have other cuts available to what they show online, if you are looking for something specific. Also was in Costco in Brum today and very impressed with the Brisket and Pork Loin, shoulders and loin ribs they had available. Some very good cuts and sizes. Just not what I was looking for today though. 😞
  22. Ah, might be worth a trip over then. I can see a few folk talking about these now. The ribs, are they frozen and wrapped in individual racks? I have actually never cooking tried Pork ribs yet! 😒 Does anyone have a rough size? I would need to be confident of freezer space before i bought a 10KG box. Thanks Ice, Phil.
  23. Warwick branch does, Dave the master butcher I spoke to him last Thur and asked about Butt and he said he could get me one when I want one. They also do Tri-tip, the meaty ribs in the yellow box of 10kg are what most of us use. We have our pork loin from there, in fact, most of our meat does....come to think about it.. Ice.
  24. Hi Ice, I have a Bookers card. I have only ever been once. 🙄 I have no idea if the meat from there is well regarded or not. Do they have the typical BBQ/LnS cuts like Brisket and Boston Butt? Phil.

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