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  1. That sounds amazing, I'll have to try one of the Miquel Vergara briskets some time. I'm smoking a UMI brisket from John Davidson as I speak.. I've found that injecting beef tallow/fat/dripping is the best way to make the less marbled local briskets juicier (the stuff you can buy from the supermarket that comes wrapped like butter). What you perceive as moisture in a cooked brisket is actually fat. The water is cooked off long before you eat it. Thinking about it, you probably prolong the stall if you inject a water based solution.
  2. I meant specifically from Sainsburys. The guy in the youtube video smokes a whole Sainsburys brisket. Point is good, flat looks dry. Sainsburys sell just the point as per the pic in my last post.
  3. Thought I'd update this as finished a while back
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9zrW8nmHJU Very interesting watch. The flat looked really dry but the point wasn't bad. looks like you may be able to buy just the point..
  5. I recently came across an empty 72Kg propane tank which looked perfect to build a vertical smoker from. I still need to cut a firebox door, weld flanges and hinges to the doors, build a latch, weld on inlet;
  6. That's good to know! I already have a decent sized grill, so the gravity style should be a good addition 🙂 I should think I'll build a smaller version like you have, still looks plenty big enough!
  7. It looks like its been a couple of years since you built this. How is it holding up? Would you recommend the gravity feed type over other smoker designs? Do you still have the plans, would be great if you'd be able to share with me?
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