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I think we need to focus on recruiting more at the events as there are many many members people who have not been seen in over a year.  The groups also look very quite, i know it is late it he year but even in the hi season they are quiet so a refocus on those next year too with the regional events that are up and running in South East and Anglia and the Northern and Midlands ones.  No South West one yet, A Devon tailgate has got to be a winner, I would defo go to that if I could.  Views?

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It can be hard work running a forum,  it's impossible to force folks to join. Word of mouth is one way, I've tried but that sometimes falls flat.

Anyways to advertise the forum is good, maybe at the local garden centres that sell the kit. On other forums (that don't mind) I've done that twice now,  fingers crossed it may help.


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Need to get this on FB especially CWS and on Instagram.

I can do a FB Page and Instagram page for both Midlands and Anglia?

Or would you want to do Midlands Brian.

As Brian said, it’s just a case of pushing pushing and pushing it again. I spend most of my time promoting both the Smokers weekend and Northern Tailgate.


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Good things take time, but when you hit critical mass then it's hard to keep up 

I've grown a forum to over 20000 members in 10 years with 3000+ visitors per day

All through word of mouth.

The  immediate focus should remain on building a core community. There is a lot of potential for this forum.

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13 hours ago, Justin said:

Good thoughts on forum recruitment.

My first point was on inactive members and my second point is the inactivity in the Groups is frustrating.  There is little to no activity in them.  

It is very frustrating, but you can not make people do things or they will simply leave. We had that with the American Forum, wanting the UK to post everything in the US side.

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