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We now have a Wancle,  new still in the box £55....it's on at the moment with a 24hr pork rolled shoulder.  I run a test by setting the wand at 71c and popped a thermo probe in just to check if there was any difference in temp, I'm happy to say they both said 71c spot on.

Along with our sous vide bath we can now do a lot more with both on the go. The pork will finish around noon,   throw the veg in the bath for the allotted time and hey presto...  


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Yesterday's dinner went well,  we are both impressed with the Wancle,  the asparagus, carrots, sweet pots  all went in for 60mins, the list said 45 mins but I think that's a little on the short side for us. (time wise)......everything was cooked with just a smidgen of "bite" . The outcome was a success,  so the wand has found it's place in the kitchen. .


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Not sure bland is a good description, like anything else cooking is a skill. sous vide is no different. As the flavour you put in the bag stays in the  bag then it can not escape.  I think maybe the point is we add flavours when cooking in other methods of cooking and then if they are not in the bag then of course it is not there.  For example, chicken breast I do with lemon and squirt of rape seed oil, 66 degs for 1 hour and then ice bath, lovely flavour., chicken on its own, more bland



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