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Grounds for divorce


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So I went to smoke a spatchcock chicken today . And the wife uttered these heinous words :

“ I’m a bit fed up with smoked meats can we not just cook it in the oven ?” 

Now I either have to divorce the blasphemous woman or stone the witch ! 

What do I do ? 

I need to think of other recipes 

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It is always best to stay on her good side for when you need to buy your next smoker. Smoked paprika works well on spatchcock chicken cooked in the oven ?. Cook it longer in the oven too and you can then comment on how dry it tastes compared to cooking it in the smoker... 

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9 hours ago, Raptor72 said:


“ I’m a bit fed of smoked meats can we not  just cook it in the oven ?” 


Welcome to the club my friend. I have one exactly the same. You spend all that time preparing, hours cooking to be told it’s alright, but would of tasted nicer if it had no rub, no smoke and cooked in the oven! 

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Yes it is a problem. I am new to cold smoking and the scowls and comments from HID.....you smell like a bonfire....... what are the neighbours going to say etc etc. Actually the neighbours commented “Oh wow, thar smells great. What are you smoking? Or once when I apologised the reply was that they couldn’t smell a thing. Gave the nearest neighbour some smoked salmon and he keeps on asking when am I going to smoke some more! Must admit HID has cooled it now I can produce fairly consistent smoked salmon....her favourite.

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