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Yes, beer can chicken is more of a fun method rather than the most efficient. Half of the enjoyment of cooking BBQ chicken is the smell of it as it cooks but for added flavour you need to apply herbs/flavours directly onto the meat. Even then the flavours will only penetrate a few millimetres without being given a considerable time to marinate. Cooking the chicken vertically does help to cook it more evenly (especially around the thigh area) and it does help to crisp the skin. Rather than using a beer can (for all of the reasons stated in the excellent article) you are best to use a vertical chicken roaster. These keep the chicken vertical but also keep the cavity of the chicken open so that it cooks from the inside as well as outside. 


I use the one on the left when I cook BBQ chicken and it keeps the cavity of my turkey open too when I am cooking horizontally it on the BBQ at Christmas.

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14 hours ago, Raptor72 said:

I cook chicken all the time on Bbq . 

Never had a problem with being cooked . The beer can contraption doesn’t  actually fit a proper beer can in . I’m looking for anything like  the ones above . 

They are designed for the older Heinekin size small cans. The cans that do fit these are the ready mixed drinks like JD and cola and also many of the soft drink cans like Coke.

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