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Hi there!

I'm from Manchester, have recently retired and have been grilling stuff outside for over 30 years. You may think that makes me sound like an expert but for the most part it's just been burgers, sausages, chicken breasts and the occasional steak. 
I started off with a small Hibachi then graduated to a brick supported open charcoal grill. These were followed by a series of gas fired, hooded grills. About ten years ago I came across some maple smoking planks in my local Asda and that's when I started to get a bit more adventurous, planked salmon, planked steak with blue cheese etc. then on to beer can chicken with wood chips smouldering in a cast iron smoker.
I've never been totally happy using gas, I found that, even with flavoriser bars or lava rocks, the heat for direct grilling was never even and would be hotter over the burners than an inch or two either side. 
Two years ago I decided to go back to charcoal after watching a couple of Riverside Garden Centre videos on YouTube and bought a 57cm Weber Mastertouch and have found it a lot easier to control the heat. Since then I've tried loads of different recipes from low and slow cooks to rotisserie roasted joints. 
I follow several BBQ channels on YouTube, DJ BBQ, County Woodsmoke, BBQ Pit Boys etc. As well as none BBQ cooks like Jamie Oliver and his chefy mates from FoodTube.
Recently I saw John Quilter aka. Food Busker make a filing cabinet smoker using a single electric hob as a heat source and decided to have a go myself (see attached pics). I'm still experimenting with it, watch this space for a full review.
I'm looking forward to learning some new tips and ideas on this forum. 
Colin aka. Smoke Bloke




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Hiya Colin

I think that about sums up everybody on here, well the newer members anyway. Good to have you aboard, the bigger it gets the better it gets for ideas, information and knowledge! lets face it if we cant learn from others with a passion for BBQing Grilling and in my case Smoking and now Sous Vide as well then all is lost.? 

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Welcome aboard Smoke Bloke, Love the filing cabinet,  and for sure there are plenty here to continue your journey with.  Please be sure fill in your profile and member map and joint he regional group. thank you.


Also northern tailgate is next week.  I hope you can make it and meet us.  It is good chat drink and food.  Cook as much or as little as you want.  Any questions let us know, thanks




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I only had time for a quick hello yesterday Colin as we were on our way out...(holls at the mo) but as I always say to folks I've cremated everything for the last 40 years or so. 

That was until I joined this merry band of brothers.. (thanks Brinkman)  I now have what could pass for a BBQ shop in the outhouse and sat on the patio.

Just before we came away I smoked 2kg of mature cheddar,  I hope I remember to take a piece with us up to the Northern Tailgate a week today to get reviews on how it turned out.

That smoker looks great,  love the decal on the side very artistic... t2716.gif


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