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September Monthly Competition

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It’s the month of September so we have a New Monthly Competition!

The idea for this months subject came from @Justin !

The topic is…………… Stewtember!

Can be traditional Stew, Soup or something more exotic like Italian Meatballs or a Curry.

Just needs to be cooked in a pot on the BBQ!

Have Fun :popcorn: 

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Wasn't thinking of the competition when I cooked this yesterday, just wanted an excuse to play with my new tripod!!!

Three bean chilli, cooked in my Petromax Dutch oven over charcoal and silver birch. Absolutley loved this cook, so stragihtforward and easy. Did all the prep outside to make the most of the weather! No recipe as such just threw evrything you see on the tray plus onions and three peppers in the pot and let it do its thing for a couple of hours.

Resting in the fridge for tomorrow nights dinner.








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