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Bakerstone Pizza oven


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We both like a pizza every now and then....I've even thought about building a small clay oven. I've seen Youtube vids from guys using clay pots,  vids of guys making "oven tops" from a thin tin sheet.

I've had a plan in my head for a while now on using a small steel drum on top of a bbq. I came across these pizza oven boxes a while back but thought that they were overpriced.

Out of all the types I could find,  the Bakerstone seemed well made. While surfing yesterday  I hit this Costco  https://www.costco.co.uk/Garden-Sheds-Patio/Barbecues-and-Firepits/Gas-Barbecues/BakerStone-Professional-Series-304-Grade-Stainless-Steel-Pizza-Oven-Accessory-Kit-Cover/p/251768

At £85 it may be just what we want???  because as I've said before we have an old gasser that we never got on with.  It's just sat there doing nothing so I'm now thinking a service to check everything ok with the old girl, I know the gas bottle still shows almost full.  Buy one of the above,  we get our pizzas when we want and the oven can be used for loads of other joints & veg.. also the gasser  becomes the power engine for the oven, more control over a gas knob.....and the gasser gets to work for her keep.  

All I need to clear in my head now is are they as good as they're made out to be???  any thoughts on them and my madness...  :yahoo:


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What is the point of having stone around?  The pizza sits on the bottom. the steel will heat up on the sides and top and emit heat. The stone is to stop the pizza sticking and to diffuse the heat?

Plus the firebox one goes over charcoal and gas, the bakerstone one is  gas bbqs only ?

There is the weber pizza oven too dedicated one and and a sleeve like the rotisserie sleeve  but with a slot and shelf for pizza/

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Mate I am sure you said this a few times and then all of a sudden another thing turns up, i was starting to think you must have a beautiful pension. Do not forget to Dave some money for the things you want to smoke. Oh and your holiday!

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Pension??? just the gov one mate...

It's just the way it works out.  The pot belly Rosie wanted was £60 Of the bay. The  oven £85 from Costco but that should do for now. 

We'll wait until after the holiday before we go and buy the box of ribs. ?


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tee hee, winding you up pa., tbh in my mind i seen so many of your posts about buying I figured you must be filling up your garden with bbqs!  DO show what you cooking with the pot belly.   

I have mission to make some space in garage and put in electric to get a small freezer.  No way a box of ribs would fit in the kitchen freezer, 

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good plan. once garage cleared up (massive exercise I will be putting a freezer there)  just filled up a wheelie bin from one set of . Got to take load of stuff to charity shop and  set up some proper shelving, 

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It arrived as promised,  well made and went together easy....




Main rails in....


All of the stone fitted..



The business end.


The finished oven...

Can't wait for tomorrow....pizza Friday...put the beer in the fridge mother.  ?



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