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Today is Fattie day


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4 hours ago, Smokin Monkey said:

This could end in tears ?

Tears of joy SM.....the fattie was superb, bacon weave, sausage, chicken hammered to a thin sheet, ending in a mix of Mrs Ice stuffing.

Served with a salad,  and a glass or two of wine...  :thumb1:  .

The gammon is still cooking. 


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What temperature did you cook the fatty? I hot roast mine at around 170-180 C and it gives a nice dark bacon coating. Don't be fooled by the colour in peoples photos though - even though it may look dark, the bacon coating rarely goes crispy. If you want crispy then try using a dry cure bacon. When using standard supermarket immersion cured streaky bacon it will usually stay soft.

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The Brinkman we have has one of those stupid temp gauge...it goes..warm-ideal-hot. ?

We did pop in an oven gauge on the top rack along side the bomb....had a peep when the stupid one was half way between warm-ideal,  and the other one was reading 122c...so we were some 50c too low.??


The bomb turned out great..never had anything like it.  The gammon thou was not so good. Mrs Ice finished him in the oven for 30mins...just hope he's not too dry.

I'm looking for a thermometer to replace the stupid one. 


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34 minutes ago, Icefever said:

I'm looking for a thermometer to replace the stupid one. 

When I was reviewing the original Cook4All smoker I found that the thermometer in that, although it had actual degree markings, was so inaccurate as to be useless. I then purchased several replacement thermometers online trying to find one that was more accurate but - surprise! surprise! - they were all very variable in their accuracy too. The only way to really know what is going on is to buy a dual probe digital thermometer and use that.

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Owned one of these back in 2015. from memory my Brinkmann didn't have holes in for probes like my ProQ does and the lid ended up crushing one of the probe wires after a few uses and forgot to foil the other probe at the joint of probe and wire on another cook that was through the vent lid and basically burned it. (The grommet probes in the side of the ProQ are a godsend for me). ☺️

I have checked my old Amazon orders and I bought and used one of these temperature gauges successfully for a couple of summers and easily replaced the factory fitted one in the Brinkmann. Much more accurate (but not absolutely bang on). but was within within 10F of actual cooking temperature, which was workable for me. Just used one of those cheap digipen type thermometers to check internal temp of the meat then  https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B009ALK3K2

Did most of the mods shown here to my Brinkmann http://ecb.chasefryer.com/ found it worked much better for it and worth doing if looking to keep for more than 1 summer



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