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Hi all, i planned to try some brisket tomorrow.

But the only Brisket I could get my hands on was a rolled piece.  The butcher said it was thin so they roll it. After cutting to about the length I think my grill is I have a 1.8kg piece.

So how do I handle this for a smoke?. Obviously most of Google pops results for normal brisket.

Thanks in advance


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Rolled brisket is not what you would call a "traditional" smoked brisket but it does still smoke well. 

42 minutes ago, Smokin Monkey said:

I cooked this small piece of rolled Brisket at last years National Smokers Weekend.

I know it goes to burnt ends, but this piece of Brisket was about 1 hour off being perfect for sliced Brisket.

The brisket Steve cooked was amazing but there was a major issue with it... There was just not enough to go round. The lucky ones of us who got in early really enjoyed it though.:yahoo:

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Yea I think my last minute purchase might not fit my brisket aspirations!

Any hope for a more traditional result of meat?

Not against the Steve's burnt ends, they look good!! Just wondering if what i have can fit something more traditional?






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Was indeed! Very local but not tried them before. Knew I was looking for bbq smoking and we even had a little chat about ribs, good looking ribs though!

I think even before your last reply Steve I knew and had the salt, pepper, garlic and onion out to try your burnt ends! I shop for the rest in the morning for the sauce.

Any viability in reheating burnt ends? Might struggle with nearly 2 kg in a sitting... although I reckon I could do it ?

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Don't be too harsh on your butcher as they often do struggle to get hold of large briskets - manly because they probably don't sell very many of them. He should have let you see it before selling it to you though so that you could have the opportunity to refuse it. 

A general rule of thumb is never to buy anything that has been rolled for roasting. Butchers often use the rolling to even up uneven cuts and some even hide additional fat/trimmings inside. I have experienced this first hand as a local butcher insisted on rolling a boned pork shoulder before selling it to me. As I was going to use it for pulled pork, when I got home I cut the strings and opened it out. To my surprise I found that he had added considerable amounts of pork fat into the centre of the roll. I weighed it and it came to almost 25% of the total weight of the joint. Now if it was going to be roasted I probably would have been none the wiser!

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So my decisions.....

Left it overnight with salt, pepper, garlic and onion granules.

The plan to smoke it, use half tonight for burnt ends and half into a chilli tomorrow as it naturally was in 2 parts from the butcher.

I've smoked it flat over a hickory chunk, foiled at 65c.

Cooked untill 90 as half id like tender as pos and rested to use in chilli..

I' kept the juice from the smoke in a foil pan and added with the meat when foiled the meat to carry on cooking.

Half is still foiled, toweled, in a cooler resting.  The other half I've cubed sauced with Steve's recipe, minus some sugar tweaks.  Back on the smoker at 137 currently. Put abit of hickory on aswell as it's uncovered!




I'd had a hard time with temps after foiling.... a 1mm adjustment on vents had temps swinging. Not helped by direct sun im sure. 




An enjoyable and interesting session so far, at least that's for sure!


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8 hours ago, Davedesign said:

I'd had a hard time with temps after foiling.... a 1mm adjustment on vents had temps swinging. Not helped by direct sun im sure. 

The sun will have a dramatic effect on the internal temperature. It can easily increase the IT by 15 C - then when the sun goes in the temperature plummets.

When adjusting the temperature are you trying to adjust all of the bottom vents together or just one at a time? You no not need to adjust them all at the same time.


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I am used to seeing these thin pieces of Brisket and not  had much success with them

Going round Sainbury's today they had some saucer sizes pieces of brisket on offer at the butchers counter @ £7 @ kg and they looked really good and up to about 3 kg in size I would estimate. Any reason not to use a brisket cut like this on a smoker as a whole piece and slicing it and serving it up. Or is the thin end the way to go every time?


looked very  similar to this 



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Never had much luck with rolled brisket. I think the lack of fat was causing my problems, that was until I discovered a magic ingredient.


I now smoke them with no problems at all. Leave it rolled cover in rub and smoke for an hour or 3 depending on size. Once that’s done I remove and slather it in ghee and wrap well in foil, bung back on until it hits temps.53DB3E3C-0B64-457E-96F3-65ADC8228FAC.thumb.jpeg.f16020740399eed1e27c202e9d2a7f48.jpeg

One I have just been cooking overnight for a family party tonight.

9kg pork shoulder still trundling along


White block is Halloumi 

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Weather bit of a nightmare at the moment,, snowing like a good'un at the moment here, so instead of smoking a duck today outside, I have switched to slow cooking a whole duck in my dutch oven in the oven for 5 hours for tea. Fingers crossed it turns out ok.

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