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Short ribs.....


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My local Bookers didn't have any in yesterday, so picked these up from a butcher close by that I haven't used before. Couldn't believe it £4 a kg and he cut it off fresh off the carcass for me. Only needed it for 2 people so he offered me the 6 bones cut in half or 3 long bones for the 2 kg I asked for. Went with the 6 half cut length wise as wanted to judge how many I could fit on my Pellet grill for the future.

Proof will be in the eating, but they look pretty meaty to at and a very decent price. He said he was happy to cut me St Louis Ribs to my preference if I bring in a picture of what I want, so long as he has a pig carcass on the day as well.

6 still looked too much for the 2 of us today, so after trimming it down I have put 4 of them onto cook.







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I bought some short ribs from S R COOPER butchers Basildon today , his aged brisket worked out £7 a kilo.

Now looking for information in smoking them 225-250Fon the offset over about 6 hours , im just using spg as a rub. 

Any other tips welcome


Pictures will follow Saturday



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