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Knives - What are your favourites?


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So I've had various Henkel & Wusthof knives over the years which have served me well, however in recent months I have bought a few cheaper knives which I have been more than impressed with. I bought a Mercer 11" Granton blade carver which is now my go too knife for so many reasons. I also have a Pro Cook gourmet knife for presission work which i'm more than impressed with. 

Whats your favourite knife for prepping meat?

Forgive the spelling, i'm to many Glavia's in to care!

Cheers n Gone Nick


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I have built up a collection of knives by Naifu and really love them. The are relatively cheap compared to other 'professional' knives but I cannot fault them. Recently bought their bread knife which really showed me how blunt our old one was. We bake a lot of our own bread and the old bread knife (Sabatier) was really crushing the loaf before cutting. With the new knife it is literally like cutting through butter.

The one knife they do not produce in this range is a slicing knife so I recently bought a Procook Gourmet X30 which whilst cheap does the job but will need far more attention to retain a sharp edge than the Naifu's do.


Just thought I would add that have just looked at the Naifu web site and they are currently only listing 3 different patterns of knife. I assume that this is due to the current crisis as I have more than 3 different patterns.

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Like Ice I have Zelite Knives as well, 1 x 12 inch Carving knife and a couple of different size chef knives along with a pairing knife. Looking to add their boning knife to my collection soon.

Bought a leather chefs knife roll with a large pocket in the side that holds most of my bbq stuff, spatulas, tongs, brushes, mops. Really handy and a lot safer than keeping the knives in a drawer, as they're so sharp.

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I don't have a collection. I did buy my first proper knife last year, which was a Robert Welch flexible fillet knife. I have nothing to compare it against, but it's got a very comfortable handle, a nice sharp, bendy blade, and a decent balance to it.

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