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Hello I am Gaza the Instructor

Gaza the Instructor

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I am a friend of Icefever and have been smokin' various stuffs in my back garden for

the last 20 years or so. Big big big fan of smoked Ribs and indeed have just done my

12th Rib smoke of the season. No fancy equipment just a large WSM and a Coal fuelled

Outback BBQ which I bought 28 years ago. I have done pulled Pork, why do our USA

friends call it Butt? If I go round asking people if they want a piece of my Butt, they will

run away saying nasty things. Have also done Brisket and Pork Loin amongst others, but

I keep coming back to ribs. Everyone just loves them. I think that without a Smoker they

just arn't.

My Grill is a 36"x18" split cast rung Outback Antipodean jobbie , built like a tank, everything

is adjustable on it and very heavy. The cast iron grates are like manhole covers,butas the

old adage goes "If it ain't broke don't fix it", and she cooks beautiful. 

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50 minutes ago, Gaza the Instructor said:

He is a nice guy, never met him but we do some brewing etc.

Don't tell everyone that.... I'll loose my street cred...😅...welcome on board you old reprobate.  We do have a beer & wine section...what about some photos of this Outback Antipodean jobbie ?? .

You'll love the "tailgate meetings" we have ...where we all cook something then lay it on a table and help youself to whatever.....plenty of food..and just  a small smigen of drink, don't want to over do it....if you believe that your'll believe anything. 🤣🤣.

Any problems with working the forum bits & bobs just shout the guys will help..take a look around on all the old post there's load of info...glad you followed my link mate..👍



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1 hour ago, Gaza the Instructor said:

He is a nice guy, never met him but we do some brewing etc.

Nice to meet you Smokin', my only problem is computers, Iam not

good with them and it will take me some time to learn new ways.

Hi Gaza, I know @Icefever is a nice guy, just pulling your leg!

We like a bit of banter.

We be great to see some of your cooks!

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5 hours ago, Gaza the Instructor said:

You ok Iceman?

Top of the world mate...I'm on & off the laptop all day, so I turn it off around 8 or 9 pm just to give it a rest.😉 SWMBO never seems to mind but I think it's only fair...I'm back on around this time as my body clock wakes up around 3 am...



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4 minutes ago, Gaza the Instructor said:

I might look for a rub recipe on here for a change.😉

Go for it...I make my own....thinking about a couple at the moment....along with the sauce's that I do...I'm off to Bookers,,catch you later.


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