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New to smoking, bought a Callow bullet.

Ryan D

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Hi all,

Got a link from Wade on YouTube when commenting on the callow/cook4all smoker.

I'm from Norwich UK, I look forward to smoking and barbecuing some tasty food. My colleague has a brinksman which he uses. This made me want to get something similar.

Being a newbie, I bought 30 litres of various wood chips (alder, apple and cherry)  not realising just how far that would go🙄😂. #stockedup 

I've smoked some mackerel, sea bream, chicken and bacon so far. This was my first weekend and I've almost finished eating it all! 

Now for this weekend I'd like to do some barbecue grilling. Something spicy would be good. Any suggestions? 

Here's pics of last weekends efforts...




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Hi and welcome, my suggestion Buffalo chicken wings are always good for BBQ'ing and grilling, make a sauce, that contains something like Franks Hot sauce as part of the ingredients if you can get some. 

Not sure what the base of the callow is like and if you can fit a grill grate over the fire basket? if you can you could smoke them for an hour at 225F with the water bowl and them grill them off for 10-25 minutes depending how hot it gets over the coals on the grate over the basket, maybe? or put the hot coals left in the basket into a seperate BBQ if you have one, to finish them

Enjoy whatever you decide to do, couple of nice days coming up, by all accounts

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