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Table Top Gravity Feed Smoker

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Table Top Gravity Feed Smoker


I had seen one of these on a forum, and I was sent a set of drawings to build one, but I thought it was too big. I scaled the drawings down, and made the cooking chamber big enough to take a standard domestic oven rack.


The frame is made from 1 inch/25mm box section. Interior is 1.5mm Stainless Steel, which as a novice welder was a nightmare, it twisted and warped all over. The exterior is 1.5mm Steel.




Started led making the Chute Door to test how the 90' clamps worked.


Next the frame, pretty impressed with the clamps.



The frame as I soon found out was the easy part of the build.



Started to fit the interior Stainless Steel


Lugs added to try and stop the warping.


Three sides fitted


Moved on to the Charcoal Chute 4mm Steel


Chute cut out and ready to weld


Chute welded up and tacked in to position 


12mm holes drilled into Chute to feed oven.

75mm X 75mm X 25mm section welded over 

the holes to make up the gap.


The 75mm gap piece welded in to position.


60mm Sqaure Stainlees Steel chute tacked into 

position. This will direct the heat into the middle 

of the smoker.


Heat deflector plate in position.


Shelf supports welded in and insulated.




Fully insulated with 25mm Rock Wool


Exterior panels tacked into position.


Fabricating the Chimney. 75mm box section.


Butterfly valve added


Spring to be welded on the end to hold valve in position 


Chimney fitted and Charcoal Door fitted.


Ended up fitting a chain to the door to stop it hitting

the chimney.


Ash door fitted"


Hadto fit a tag so door sits in the right position.


Used bullet hinges for all doors.



Smoker painted with heat resistant paint, you can touch the exterior, so ordinary 

paint would do.




Test run.


This smoker sits at temperature +or- 1'C.

It is very economical as well, 5kg of restaurant

grade Charcoal and it runs at 105'C for over 30 hours.




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16 minutes ago, PitMaster said:

The larger unit would be ace! Great little project for the summer! 

I have the plans, but I am away at the moment, but if I can find them easy I will send them to you.

If you use the search tool at the top of the page, type in Gravity Feed, and there is post from me and @Diggerg who has just built one.

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44 minutes ago, PitMaster said:

Could I use mild steel for the interior rather than stainless steel?

What was your reason for choosing stainless?

Yes use mild steel for the interior, I thought Stainless would be easier to keep clean, but it was a nightmare fitting as it expanded and twisted with the heat from welding.

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Yes welding stainless steel sheets cna be tricky. need to get the right speed across the welding and make sure is well clamped in multiple places and a lower temp on the weld will help too, it is because the heat transers quickly and cools quickly due  to its composition. Best to check the data sheet.  It is a skiilset from practice. I did welding when I was younger  


I would worry about rust on mild steel as it is principally iron compisition

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45 minutes ago, Nick9one1 said:

It looks like its been a couple of years since you built this. How is it holding up? Would you recommend the gravity feed type over other smoker designs?
Do you still have the plans, would be great if you'd be able to share with me?

Yes it’s holding up great, I like the gravity feed.

Yes I have the plans for the larger model, and have a picture with measurements on for this model.

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