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Found 18 results

  1. Table Top Gravity Feed Smoker I had seen one of these on a forum, and I was sent a set of drawings to build one, but I thought it was too big. I scaled the drawings down, and made the cooking chamber big enough to take a standard domestic oven rack. The frame is made from 1 inch/25mm box section. Interior is 1.5mm Stainless Steel, which as a novice welder was a nightmare, it twisted and warped all over. The exterior is 1.5mm Steel. Started led making the Chute Door to test how the 90' clamps worked. Next the frame, pretty impressed with the clamps. The frame as I soon found out was the easy part of the build. Started to fit the interior Stainless Steel Lugs added to try and stop the warping. Three sides fitted Moved on to the Charcoal Chute 4mm Steel Chute cut out and ready to weld Chute welded up and tacked in to position 12mm holes drilled into Chute to feed oven. 75mm X 75mm X 25mm section welded over the holes to make up the gap. The 75mm gap piece welded in to position. 60mm Sqaure Stainlees Steel chute tacked into position. This will direct the heat into the middle of the smoker. Heat deflector plate in position. Shelf supports welded in and insulated. Fully insulated with 25mm Rock Wool Exterior panels tacked into position. Fabricating the Chimney. 75mm box section. Butterfly valve added Spring to be welded on the end to hold valve in position Chimney fitted and Charcoal Door fitted. Ended up fitting a chain to the door to stop it hitting the chimney. Ash door fitted" Hadto fit a tag so door sits in the right position. Used bullet hinges for all doors. Smoker painted with heat resistant paint, you can touch the exterior, so ordinary paint would do. Test run. This smoker sits at temperature +or- 1'C. It is very economical as well, 5kg of restaurant grade Charcoal and it runs at 105'C for over 30 hours.
  2. Hello all I'm looking to buy my first smoker but torn between which one to get, I keep reading the fornetto is better made the the ProQ but seems harder to get parts and accessories in the UK. Any advice would be much appreciated ? or anyone who has had experience with either ?. Many thanks
  3. Actually bought my first ever bbq grill, a £50 drum, a covid shielding purchase, and haven't stopped using it. Cooked everything on it from spatchcocked chicken, roast potatoes, roast sprouts to the usual suspects. Just started curing meats and would love a smoker for low n slow. I'm on a budget and the internet research is a minefield but the callow cook4all keeps appearing within my budget as a beginner. £109 through Amazon and other sites. Is it worth the plunge as an entry level and will it provide good results?
  4. What is the best reasonable price Pellet Smoker on the UK market?
  5. Saw this today & thought of @Icefever as I think he has a Kentucky. The seems to be stock around some stores so you might be lucky if it's of interest to anyone. Cheers n Gone NIck
  6. I have a Callow upright smoker for sale, only used a handful of times. Covered and stored indoors when not in use. Collection only from Reading. £40
  7. When I was made aware of the Callow smoker I must confess to being a little skeptical. It is being sold for ~£85 and in the pictures it looked quite small. It is being marketed as: I ordered one and 2 days later it was delivered... What was in the box? The smoker was well packed and came in a surprisingly small box. Although it needs to be assembled there are relatively few components and the whole smoker can be assembled within about 20 minutes using only a cross-head screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Unpacking The build quality of the unit is very good and compares favourably with the WSM and ProQ Frontier. The Callow only has a 14" cooking cooking grate though which may restrict using some of the larger cuts of meat. The smoker is only powder coated though and so is unlikely to last as long as some of the more expensive alternatives. The fire basket has plenty of air holes which enabled an even charcoal burn and the bottom and top vents were of good quality which allowed for simple fine temperature control. The positioning of the bottom vents do appear to be a little higher than I would have expected as the top ones of these are above the holes in the fire basket. The water/sand pan was a good distance above the coals with sufficient gap around to give a good heat flow into the cooking chamber One possible negative point was the small air gap around the door when it was closed. However during the temperature profiling this did not appear to cause any problems. Below are pictures of the smoker layers Firing up the Callow I used only 2 Kg of Heat Beads in Minion for the initial test, with hot water in the water tray. With all vents fully open the smoker took about 60 minutes to get up to temperature (100-110 C) by which time the bottom vents were 7/8 closed. Without any adjustments it maintained this temperature for over 8 hours. At one point there was a period of gusty wind that caused the temperature to rise slightly. The following morning when the smoker was taken apart it was clear that the fire had burned evenly and almost completely. Cold Smoking The callow worked very well as a cold smoker using both the AMNPS and the ProQ smoke generators Lid thermometer This was the only part that let the smoker down - however this is a common weak point with many models of smoker. With the thermometer that was originally supplied with the Callow, when the smoker was up to cooking temperature (based upon the measurement from a calibrated Thermadata Smoke, the lid thermometer was indicating a temperature that was 35 C too low. If this thermometer had been used to regulate cooking temperature then this would have resulted in the temperature in the cooking chamber being much too high. This was reported to Callow and they have now sourced alternative, more accurate, lid thermometers which will be supplied with new units shipped. The new thermometers are the same units that are supplied with Weber BBQs and the ones I was sent to test actually had the Weber branding still on them. These proved to be much more accurate when calibrated over boiling water. Summary I was really impressed with both the build quality and usability of the Callow Smoker and would recommend it to anyone starting out smoking or for established smokers who are looking for some inexpensive additional cooking space.
  8. What commercial smokers are being used in the UK BBQ Restaurants?
  9. Whilst trawling the bay I came across this offer which seems to be a good deal a Bradley 2 rack compact smoker for £89.99. I don't have one myself......yet. But i'm tempted! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bradley-2-Rack-Convection-Smoker/174078984240?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160727114228%26meid%3D08015381e51b4760823eb6b1eac5e23b%26pid%3D100290%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D174078984240%26itm%3D174078984240%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2060778&_trksid=p2060778.c100290.m3507 There is an independent review here https://www.theblackpeppercorn.com/2013/08/bradley-2-rack-smoker-product-review/ Might be of interest to someone Cheers N Gone Nick
  10. Here's plans for a Gravity Feed Smoker. I have built a smaller version of this, and currently building this version. http://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/28-table-top-gravity-feed-smoker/ Work in progress!
  11. Hi there, just testing the waters to see if there is any interest in Southern Pride SPK 280 located in Ireland. Shipped from my restaurant in the states where eventually I was going to open second restaurant in Ireland. Unfortunately the dream has changed so am offering the unit for sale. Unit is currently sitting on a Ifor-Williams trailer and is ready to go. If you are looking at this add you know what these are, do and what they cost new in the UK. Finding a used one in Europe is nigh on impossible. I have attached a few pictures of unit in storage along with the spec sheets. Selling unit (including trailer) for 13k GBP Spec Sheet SPK-280 use.pdf SPK manual 2007-2009.pdf
  12. Here at Brew n Q, ProQ have announced their latest model - the ProQ XXXXXXL 😀
  13. UDS Smoker Build Barrel of EBay, paid £11.00. NOTE. If you are planing on hinging the lid, do not buy a barrel with a ridge just below the lid, as this is exactly where the hinge is mounted. Used masking tape down the side to mark out position of Shelfs. Drilled shelf support holes Drilled lid to take vent. Vent is a Stainlees Steel fitting donated by a friend, fitted a butterfly valve inside. Had some Shelfs left from a Pit Boss Kamado so fitted them. Utensil rack added. Drum drilled and fan Adaptor fitted for a Q Senior controller Drum stripped of fittings and sandblasted. Stainless Steel bolts fitted for shelf supports. Stainless Steel disc cut to act as a heat deflector. Shelfs fitted to supports. Drum painted with heat resistance paint and graphics added. In The Dog House and ready to roll some smoke!
  14. £10 off here, not sure thou if it's the latest model... https://www.planetbarbecue.co.uk/the-callow-smoke-n-grill-water-smoker-c2x24912355
  15. 1st impressions/thought , wished I’d used my UDS now Second thought , after doing pulled pork and too many ribs that went dry . I don’t actually like pulled pork or brisket all that much ! Lol bugger
  16. Following some feedback from a past student about some difficulties she had in trying to keep the temperatures down in the cardboard box cold smoker to smoke cheese on warm days I have made some adjustments to the original design to create the "Cardboard Box Smoker Deluxe" . Having now performed several very successful smokes in it I can confirm that the slight modification has made a lot of difference. Here is a link to the original Cardboard Box Smoker... http://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/24-cardboard-box-cold-smoker/ The mod involved simply adding a separate, smaller, cardboard box at one end to hold the smoke generator - much like the firebox on an offset smoker. Start with the large cardboard box. Assemble and close the top lid but to get additional height (if needed) leave the base flaps extended and tape together at the corners. Cut a large hole at the bottom of one end of the box to allow the smoke into the chamber. do the same with a second, smaller, box making sure that the hole is the same size and extends almost the whole height of the smaller box. This will allow the smoke from the smoke generator to pass freely into the smoking chamber. Cut a small hole at the opposite end of the small box to allow the air to enter and also a flap in the top of larger box to allow the smoke to escape. For an inexpensive cold smoke generator you can use a cheap kitchen sieve with the bottom pushed upwards. This will generate good amounts of smoke for about 4 hours before it needs refilling. Construct the inside of your smoker using bricks and cake cooling racks in the large box and place the smoke generator so that it will sit in the small box. Place your food on the racks and drop the boxed over the top. Having the small air intake at the bottom of the small box, the large interconnecting hole between the boxes, and the flue flap at the top of the larger box uses the natural convection of the warm air and smoke to keep them moving through the smoke chamber. The addition of the separate smoke generator chamber helps dissipate much of the heat that is created by the smoke generator before it passes into the smoking chamber. A simple, cheap, and very effective cold smoker for those who want to smoke on a budget.
  17. On my courses I often get asked by students about cold smoking as they would like to try but that they think it required a lot of specialist equipment. This is not the case and it can be very inexpensive to start. One of the simplest and cheapest cold smokers is a large cardboard box. These are easily obtained free of charge from your nearest supermarket or discount store. Cut the lid flaps off the top of the box and ensure that the bottom is firmly taped. Turn the box over so that the solid "bottom" is now at the top. You now need to cut 2 holes.... The first at the bottom to let the air in And the second it at the opposite end at the top to let the smoke out Next we need to build the inside of the smoker. This is done by using 6 bricks and 2 or 3 wire cake cooling racks. The photo below shows a mixture of bricks and flower pots. To create the smoke we need to make a smoke generator. This is made from a cheap kitchen wire sieve Cut off the wire handle and push the mesh back through to form a circular trough Fill the trough with sawdust, chips or pellets, leaving a small gap at one side. Using a candle or a blowtorch light the wood on one end and until it is smouldering and it about to produce a flame. Place the smoke generator in the smoker. Here it is shown under the smoking racks but it is better if it can be placed at one end. Add your food to the racks... ... place the box over the smoker and you are ready to smoke Total cost - £4 Box - Free Bricks - Free Wire racks - 3 x £1 = £3 Kitchen sieve - £1
  18. I don't want my El Cheapo Brinkmann smoker any more. It has an electric element that runs on 110v so you will need a site tranformer to run it, but you can pick these up very cheaply secondhand. It's quite tatty and a bit rusty, I haven't used it for a long time and need the space. Free to anyone here who can collect it from South East London, else I'll chuck it on Freecycle or take it to the tip.
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