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Took the plunge

Steve j

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Hi Steve

There are no published guidelines that I have been able to find on smoking after sous vide cooking, however the information below is based upon available published temperature control guidelines and UK legislation.

Once the beef has been at 60 C for 8.5 hours there will effectively be no bacteria left on/in the meat, as the pasteurisation tables show that bacteria will be killed within 12 minutes at that temperature. There is still a potential (though relatively small) risk of bacteria spores (e.g. C. Botulinum) as these need temperatures higher than 60 C to be killed.

Options for smoking will depend on what you are looking to achieve as an end result. In order to smoke it you will obviously need to first remove it from the sous vide bag. :hit:

If you are looking to cold smoke then, once it has had its time in the sous vide, plunge it into cold/iced water to reduce the temperature quickly until it is below 8 C (still in the sous vide bag). You can then smoke in a cool/chilled cold smoker for up to 2 hours. The meat should then again be chilled quickly to below 8 C and stored for no longer than 5 days in the fridge (or longer if frozen).

If you are looking to hot smoke then you could place it in a smoker at (or above) 63 C, again for up to 2 hours. You may want to do this in place of the last hour or two of the sous vide cooking time. If some of the meat is then not going to be eaten immediately it should be chilled below 8 C as quickly as possible. All of the meat should be eaten within 5 days (or longer if frozen).

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11 hours ago, Icefever said:

Old post I know but interesting what with all that's going on in the sous vide section at the moment.  Did you order one  Scott?? if so what's yours and Steve J thoughts??


I did indeed, I've used it a few times, including doing a couple of joints of beef which I've done to alabout medium rare then seared in a pan. I did one lot for a buffet for my mum's birthday back in march and I had a lot of comments about the beef being amazing ?

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