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Today's Breakfast


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Just had a great bacon sarnie, from my latest batch of bacon. Tried a couple of different things with this one. Added a couple of bay leaves, to my usual salt, sugar and tellicherry pepper cure. The bayleaves added a hint of the flavour to the finished meat. 

I normally look for more meat than fat on the pork belly, but chose a much fattier one than I normally get for this one , what a difference with the finished flavour after cooking. Going to change the type of cut I get in future,, the higher fat content has way more flavour than the meat after cooking I found.

Also sliced these with a knife and probably at least twice as thick as what I would do with a slicer, cooked a lot better and a proper mouthful each bite 😄




The fat in the pan is just what came off the bacon, no oil added before started cooking, couple of lovely bacon fat crispy pieces of fried bread afterwards.



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15 hours ago, Simon said:

That sounds great. The bay leaves sound a great idea, I will try that on my next batch.

I’ve done two lots with loin and one with belly, and found the belly a bit tough. Have you noticed that at all or had I just got a bad cut for the belly?

I wouldn't say I have ever found it tough, maybe a bit more chewy than back bacon, but more flavour I find than back. This one cut thicker and with a bit more fat, than normal, rendered whilst cooking and was very melt in mouth. Obviously you got to like a bit of fat though. 😀

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