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Hi, I'm Kent based. The day job is currently a tour guide at a little craft distillery in Kent, although I plan to add postgrad history student to that in the near future. My main hobby is early medieval re-enactment (mostly Norman to Angevin period, with a little wiggle room either side of that) which is where I got interested in smoking food from, as I do much of the authentic cooking for my local group and want to see about setting up a smoking display sometimes to display authentic preserving methods from the time period, which pretty much comes down to smoking, salting and pickling tbh. Considering that smoking is the only one you can really make much of a display out of, well, there we go. That and smoked food is awesome. So, I'm probably going to mostly pop up to ask questions about the subject mostly in terms of historical context, or in terms of 'how to do over a fire-box' type questions.

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Hi :welcome:

Your hobby sounds excellent especially when you add in Smoked food. I'm looking forward to seeing any pictures of how you do it traditionally with no mod cons. (though I'm pretty sure the Normans did have wireless thermometers 😊 ) 

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I work at Copper Rivet Distillery down in the former Chatham Naval dockyard area.

22 hours ago, Simon said:

Hi and welcome to the group. What distillery do you work at. I’ve been to a couple in Kent now. I do love the county, just wish I didn’t have to deal with the Dartford crossing every time I go there. 


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