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Fornetto Basso 18" bullet


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Good price for this Fornetto. Its the Razzos cheaper relative but still a well built bit of kit. 

Stock is a bit sketchy as it clearance, but there are some around. 

The stock is probably a couple of years old as I think it was bought in when Bunnings who are also Australian bought Homebase. 


Cheers n Gone Nick

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Got my eye on the 18" Rasso version of this, what are the main differences and is it worth the £100 difference between the 2 different versions?

Only thing holding me back is I have a multitude of accessories for my current ProQ Frontier, that won't transfer to one of these. My dilemna is my ProQ is showing its age and needs replacing and got rid of really. Do I change it for the new ProQ Frontier version or switch to a Rasso and reluctantly keep the old one for just plancha and pizza cooking.

I can use my Smartfire on either with the current adaptor so no problem with that.




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So put the Basso through its first test.

Started with a couple of bits of pork shoulder to make some pulled pork.

I loaded my first Minion with too many lit coals ( Will sort that next time),  so ended way to hot to start with. 

But ended bang on 110°C after an hour. 

So I put the meat on, the recipe I was following was saying that it should be ready in 8 hours but it took me 12 hours (14 for the second one)... temperature was stable for 4 hours until we got some rain a few times... temperature dropped every time. 

End result was pleasing,  nice smokey flavour,  tasty bark on the outside but nice and moist.

Had some tacos with the pulled pork Today, very nice.... even got complimented by my four years old daughter 😁.

I did check my probes and they were fine,  I was wondering why it took so long, I had similar experience on my Weber kettle. If I start a cook at 110°C it always seems to take a lot longer than the recipe, when I did a brisket last time it took 15 hours. Anyone getting similar issues?20190830_215213.thumb.jpg.3e72617dfa0f816d154c13883e5f43d3.jpg




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Low & Slow is always unpredictable on timing.

Cooking to temperature not time.

If you ask anyone who has cooked low and slow did it cook on time, and 99.9% would say no!

No two cuts of meat are the same, and when you hit the dreaded Stall it’s a waiting game.

Best advice is, give yourself 25% extra time, then if it’s ready on time, it will have extra resting time.


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I just joined the forum, but I've been using the Basso now for over a year here in the US. I experience a lot of the same longer times you do. My suspicion in the time it takes comes down to location. Elevation, humidity, outside temperature, wind direction, and wind speed will alter any smoke time. I had 6 pounds of beef ribs stall out for 6 hours!!! When they finally came up to temp, they looked like chunks of charcoal. But they tasted fantastic!!!

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I've had a Razzo 18 for 3 years now and it's a great piece of kit. I'm looking to sell it now though as I continue my low and slow adventure so if anyone's interested in the black version (with cover and extra stack) then hit me up. I'm based in Solihull, West Midlands. 

Apologies if I've overstepped and shouldn't be advertising but if someone can make good use of it please get in touch (if allowed!)




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