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Hi from the west mids

General Lee

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Hi all.

I have liked bbq all my life but a couple of years ago I bought an offset & have now developed a bit of an obsession with smoking. 

I have a chargriller offset, it a lot of hard work sometimes & took a lot of trial & error to get right but now get great food on it.

I have just bought a pellet grill but haven't had chance to fire it up yet, hopefully will next weekend. Now I have found this forum I will be searching for any tips & advice.


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Cheers smoking monkey, I thought of getting a better offset but  I got the pellet grill because although I like the offset, i wanted something that I dont have to spend hours continuously tending the fire & also I had a great deal on the pellet.

Hi ice, I'm near stourbridge.

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Hi Lee, welcome to the forum!

I'm also in the West Midlands and got my pellet smoker a couple of weekends ago for the same reason - I didn't want to tend a fire for hours on end! Although now I'm thinking of saving up for a decent offset smoker, just so I've got all the options covered...


Looking forward to seeing what you're cooking. :)

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17 minutes ago, General Lee said:

Hi, thanks. How do you find the pellet smoker? Where in the mids are you? is there anywhere for buying pellets local? I have some traeger pellets I got from webs for my pizza oven, they were £17 but if can get cheaper would be cool. 

I'm over in Erdington. I buy my pellets from bbqstore.co.uk - they're a tad cheaper than other stores at the moment but I'll send you a discount code that'll give you some money off.

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