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Im Jon,

Currently residing in West Berkshire

My BBQ/Smoking started after a visit to Babes BBQ & Brewery in Rancho Mirage, CA

I had never really cared for REAL bbq before but after talking to the guys there, i have been hooked and haven't looked back.

Im cooking on the obligatory Webber Kettle 10% of the time. The other 90% is my badly built offset smoker birthday present from Argos.

Currently proving my theory right that if i can ace cooking on this dodgy offset then i can cook on anything.


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Thanks Simon

Its not too bad to be fair, the metals thin so it don't keep heat all that well. Foil and a brick have helped.

The design is so stupid it boils my blood, holes everywhere and nothing lines up that well, so i have a brick and a massive rock holding doors shut.

Could do with some high temp silicon seal but i don't think i will keep it long enough to bother.


Did my first ever brisket this weekend and using my limited maths skills it got to pull temp exactly when i calculated so I'm not complaining.


Think i may start leaning towards the ProQ with fans and bluetooth thermos next... just kind of enjoying the cave man style i have going at the moment.

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