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  1. Good job on the deflector! I’m going to be in the market for a new smoker soon and this looks like a good buy! Keep the posts coming!
  2. Chimney extension could be too long? Does the fire box have a grill in it? Try turning it 90 degrees so it’s sitting off the bottom, this will help air flow I found. I only run Webber briquettes now and these stay constant, i get it going with a full chimney and add another half and it’s good to go.
  3. Cheers Ice! I briefly looked over them! I just had a running idea with me after I found a massive car park with a big plot of grass that seems to be used for like car meets and stuff for a donation to this charity, my brain just thought Tailgate spot! Will really look into these today! Thanks again!
  4. Has anyone organised a cook out before? I know some of you have obviously ha Im not too interested in comps at the moment but bang up for having a cook up and chill and sample everyone else’s ideas etc. Thinking of hosting one in the south or like Oxford way. If the turn out is good and people are down, could maybe hold a comp the next time, then could maybe make it a mini fest in a few years... just dreaming I think but hey..... I know a cook out will be different from a public event, so would I be right in saying we would really ideally need just like a camping ground or a far
  5. It was definitely their Texas brand but in a very basic brown box, I googled it but the only one I could find Homebase selling online was that fornetto one at 300 odd quid.
  6. My Local Wyevale Garden Centre has 30% off BBQ Fuels and Accessories. I picked up a load of the smaller bags of Webber Briqs as they had no big bags left and some firelighters. Getting Stocked up for winter!
  7. They had the landman offset for half price, but while i appreciate the build quality, its just so wrong so i passed. I saw a massive bullet smoker for like 150 but i had never heard of the brand before and just wouldn't really trust homebase, its almost like they got them in from China, to sell "cheap" Apart from that, i grabbed so many tin trays for pennies and a kebab skewer set thing which is crap but the had a beer can chicken for a quid and that is all good.
  8. Offset looks awesome! Im torn between building my offset or just buying a decent one, This looks like a good alternative to the Oaklahoma Joe, will be digging in deep! Most offsets will require some form of modding, in my eyes no different to rigging up a ProQ with extras and what not, so don't let that put you off. Enjoy!
  9. Nevada

    Resting brisket

    Random but I didn’t have a cool box, I wrapped in foil and a tea towel and left it in the microwave for an hour, perfect!
  10. Nevada


    Thanks Simon Its not too bad to be fair, the metals thin so it don't keep heat all that well. Foil and a brick have helped. The design is so stupid it boils my blood, holes everywhere and nothing lines up that well, so i have a brick and a massive rock holding doors shut. Could do with some high temp silicon seal but i don't think i will keep it long enough to bother. Did my first ever brisket this weekend and using my limited maths skills it got to pull temp exactly when i calculated so I'm not complaining. Think i may start leaning towards the ProQ with
  11. Nevada


    Hello! Im Jon, Currently residing in West Berkshire My BBQ/Smoking started after a visit to Babes BBQ & Brewery in Rancho Mirage, CA I had never really cared for REAL bbq before but after talking to the guys there, i have been hooked and haven't looked back. Im cooking on the obligatory Webber Kettle 10% of the time. The other 90% is my badly built offset smoker birthday present from Argos. Currently proving my theory right that if i can ace cooking on this dodgy offset then i can cook on anything.
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