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Roast Gammon in a Mustard Glaze


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After working all weekend I decided to have an easy day in the garden, and what better job in the garden than cooking. I had a 5.5kg joint of gammon from a big shop just before Christmas and never got round to use it. I didn’t do much prep this time round, focussing mainly on the cook as it was the longest cook I have done in a while. 


This was the set up I had for the cook  


Once the kettle was lit and up to temp (215F 100C) I put the gammon on for 9 hours, glazing every 1.5 hours. 


The glaze was made from maple syrup and English mustard with a teaspoon of ground nutmeg, very basic I know, but wanted the practice before getting too adventurous. 


The cook took 9 hours in total, the meat was gorgeous. Nice and succulent. I’ve got enough for about 4 meals including lunches, so will definitely get some more. 



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what internal temp did you cook the ham to mate? Just wondering why 9 hours. seems excessive at 215F if you allow 20 mins per 1/2 kg at 5 kilos 3 hours 20 mins ish? Were you mostly thinking how long can i keep the minion method going rather than internal temp on the ham?

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I can’t remember what the internal temperature was now, but it wasn’t cooked in 3 hours. I watched a video where they glazed every 1.5 hrs and cooked for 6 hours on a low n slow, which is what I tried to copy. I had 2 probes in it as it was such a large joint. I know once it did reach temperature I left it for a bit as I had to sort out a few other things in the house, but leaving it didn’t harm the joint at all. 

The one thing I learnt from the cook is to try to keep a log of the cook. That way you can always keep track of any tweaks you do to it. 

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