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Hi one & all


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Hi to all you fellow smokers and curers

Not long moved down to North Devon and now retired so now have more time to devote to playing with my food.

Have been tinkering with curing and smoking for the last 5 years but now want to start producing more consistent goods. Have found a really good local butcher so quality of the raw stuff is no longer a problem.

First up is to get some cheeses started, then revamp my cold smoker which has found the first winter here a little trying. A little late but first leg of pork in the salt ready for air-drying into ham.

My BBQ is a Green Egg which has proven invaluable during the winter due to some very long power cuts, though the wind can make lighting it a challenge somedays.

Look forward to getting plenty of tips etc from you all




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Hi Jan and welcome to the forum

Which products are you producing that you are looking for better consistency? You mentioned that you are looking to revamp your cold smoker - what does it consist of at the moment.

Cheers, Wade :thumb1:

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Hi Wade

cold smoker is 3 wood box sections, lower one is the smoke chamber with a ProQ generator with 2 top boxes with racks. Some of the winter gales took the whole thing for a wander around the garden one night so all the joints are twisted etc. Will probably recycle what I can and re-build. No rush as its a bit late in the year to cold smoke.Will put some photos up later this week.

Having problems getting my chorizo to mature to my satisfaction-either ends up like hard-tack or soggy texture. I think better quality meat with a higher fat ratio is the main problem, have a sneaking suspicion that my previous supplier was mixing beef fat in with the pork. A decent fatty pig is quite rare these days but now have my new butcher on the look out when some of the local" hobby " farmers have one going to slaughter.

On the BGE side of things its adjusting to using it in a more exposed environment and fine tuning the temperature control. Last 2 cook-ups resulted in rather over done brisket and beer butt chicken as the temps roared up when I turned my back on it for half an hour. Have gone back to using BGE charcoal to smooth things out. Looking forward to using some lumpwood to really smoke- where we lived previously my neighbour prevented me from doing this because of his complaints about the smoke!



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