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Webber temp control


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Hey All

I'm new here living in Bolton.  I've been the prowled owner of a webber kettle for over 5 years now, had some great results with ribs etc.  

I've never done a Brisket, so tomorrow I plan on changing that! Brisket is currently sat in the fridge with its dry rub, consisting of 

Cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, salt, Pepper, sweet paprika, cumin, garlic, onion, chilli powder, brown sugar. 

The thing is this time I'm going to have to nip out, previously I've always been on hand to check temps etc so this could go awfully wrong! 

I'm planking on doing the snake method shooting for 220 deg F using a fresh bag of aussie heat beads (bbq world is just arround the corner) and some Mesquite wood chunks, I wanted hickory but couldn't get any! I've never used Mesquite so no idea on its flavour.  My issue is I've never done the snake method either!  

Has anyone got any tips for me I have about an hour at 6am before I have to leave at 7am I'll be back 5 hours later. 

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As long as you have the vents in a good position you should be fine if you need to pop out. The best thing is to do a quick check on YouTube and look at a couple of videos. Whenever I’ve done it there’s never been a problem with the temperature. Just give yourself enough time to set it up and all should be well. Good luck with the cook. 

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You are using a good combination. Just make sure that the temperature is stable before you go - this will usually be with the top vent fully open and the bottom vents just cracked. Place a tray of water underneath the brisket as this will also help to regulate the temperature. Remember to ensure that the top vent is situated at the opposite side of the smoker to the snake.

Good luck and let us know how it gets on.

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