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Hello from North West


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Hi All

found my way here from a recommendation from a member on another forum (reef tanks) as we were discussing BBQ.

i like to BBQ and im trying to learn how to be effective at it! I’ve not find much aside from standard fare burgers chops steak sausage and the likes however want to get to next level.

i love a good marinade or dry rub as feelit really does completely change what your cooking.

i don’t have any fancy kit but recently ( not even set up yet) bought a new gas bbq only small 2 burner plus a side, a round kettle style charcoal which I’m also going to adapt into tall oven so I can hang meat. Finally got a wood fired pizza oven. All cheap shop bought stuff but at my level should give me plenty of options for outdoor cooking. Just need s good summer 😀

anyway going to have a nosey round but wanted to drop in and say Hello 👋

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Thanks for the welcome fellas. I’m not handy it’s just taken me about 2 hours to put together a little gas cooker. Still got the charcoal and pizza oven to do 😂

god help me trying to adapt the kettle one but to be fair it is a basic design. 

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Hi,  John welcome on board  m0114.gif   Just take it one step at a time,  as you said read up on some of the threads on here.  It's going to be ok over this weekend get the kettle out and do something???  maybe a chicken,  a fattie,  just make sure you check the IT,  get a meat thermo and use it....it's your best friend mate. 


Ice.  m0122.gif

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Cooking corner is ready 😀

still got some tidying to do and will be painting my cupboard to match decking. First cook tomorrow. Making some bread buns in oven. Char Sui pork fillet some BBQ chicken thighs and chorizo with onion that I spotted on here.


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