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Carrying on from our first News Letter, we are looking to continue to publish them, not sure at this stage the frequency, but it will be at least quarterly.


This forum is for you guys to use and enjoy, so what would you like to see in the News Letters? Ideas are welcome.

What topics do you want covering? Maybe a Thread/Topic on the Forum that you enjoyed needs to be seen by more viewers.

We will include a diary section (linked to our Calander) with all relevant BBQ events happening.

Seasonal Cooking, Smoking or Curing?

Equipment Reviews?

Give us your ideas.

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Bbq challenge dish recipe. Something anyone can try and post. For instance cornbread or cake. Anything rwally. And then put the variations in the nect newsletter to give continuity between issues

Best of sous vide section

Cold smoking and curing review of what everyone has been doing over the winter.

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We have quite a few vendors listed on here, but they don't seem to contribute much to the forum, which is a shame. Quite a few newsletters from other forums (different interests) usually have an informative and usually well written article from a different vendor on there products they sell and how they can be used. Something like that may be of interest to members, so long as it isn't just a blatant advert for their products, but an interesting article on how to use something and its benefits, whether it is a wood, sauces, rubs, hardware etc

A well written article in a newsletter, that goes to all members, would be seen by more people, than if it had been posted on the forum itself more than likely? and make the newsletter more interesting. If it is informative, helpful and interesting it would also hopefully help the vendor with visits to their site from members also, if they know what they are talking about and understand their own products.

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