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Well Done.


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Thanks guys. This is still a work in progress and will be tweaked a little more. We have also listened to your suggestions regarding the forum content layout too - there is a new section called "Books and Media" where we have moved some of the threads.

It is your forum as well as ours so please keep your suggestions coming. We cannot guarantee that we can incorporate them all but we will seriously consider all suggestions.



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Thanks for the thumps up 👍.

As @Wade has said, it’s work in progress, the old logo will still appear for a short while, just so people know they are in the right place.

Did you guys receive the News Letter Email?

Not how I expected it to be delivered, was expecting it to be visible, not click the link. That’s why I did not include any text, but the next one will have a title!

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Just now, Diggerg said:

Yes thanks

 It came as a pdf download


It was my first attempt at anything like that. Did not want to go writing paragraphs of text etc for the first edition, so basically hyperlinked to existing content.

Looking to do it quarterly to start off.

If any one has ideas for the lay out or content, as all ways let us know.

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