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  1. It not mine and it’s too far for me to go. Theres small kamado bbq for sale on Facebook market place for £100. Its in colchester. I thought this May be of interest for someone local on here. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/439133907410767/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search
  2. So the pork was a success. None left, even my fussy kids ate it. It stalled for a couple of hours at around 65°c so I took it off and wrapped in foil. Extended the snake and put it back on. I fell asleep and went back to it at 11pm. The temp prob read 81°c. Not as high as I expected but the bbq temp was dropping out and the charcoal was all but burned out. It pulled really easily and was super juicy and tender. I guess the temp got up higher and then dropped with the outside and grill temps? Would it have pulled easily at 81° otherwise?
  3. It went on at 10. The top vent wide open and holding steady at 110°c. The rub is this https://www.thespruceeats.com/best-odds-pulled-pork-rub-335885
  4. A pic of the snake. It’s 3 briquettes wide at the bottom and 2 on the top. With the leftovers of the last burn on top. A couple of pieces of apple wood on the top. 🤞🏻
  5. Following on from the advise from @Wade in my other thread. Ill be dropping a 1.9kg shoulder in the kettle as soon as it’s upto temp. Fingers crossed my temp problems are behind me.
  6. I haven’t done this my self but read it else where. I can’t see a higher moisture content being a problem. Some people soak there chips before hand. They probably last a longer burn like that?
  7. Try a local tree surgeon. If they have been cutting oak or a fruit wood they may have a few logs you can pick up cheaply. Amazon can ship next day if you can't find so etching locally.
  8. So I’ve got the top vent holes drilled out. They were 16mm now 20mm. I had planned reverse seared steaks for tonight’s dinner on the charcoal grill. The weather and a couple of other things have meant I’m cooking them on the gas kettle. Ill have to wait a little to test the enlarged holes mod.
  9. Carlos

    Mini Kamado

    I’ve signed up to the news letter to get the weekly emails. sorry I thought you meant you knew of somewhere selling them around the £100 mark. My mistake.
  10. Carlos

    Mini Kamado

    Do you have a link?
  11. Carlos

    Mini Kamado

    If Lidl knock theirs out for 80-90 again it makes all these others way over priced. I keep thinking about buying one, but they are not proven. Unlike the widely used Lidl one.
  12. Carlos

    Mini Kamado

    These are the cheapies I’ve found. Although there was another on Amazon that I can’t find now. I was the same as the Lidl one.
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