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  1. Are we using drip pans or water pans in these kamados. Or are we letting the drippings land on the deflector and burn off?
  2. Carlos

    Mini Kamado

    No mate not got one yet. Lidl ones are out on Thursday 22nd. Hopefully going to grab one then.
  3. 1.2kg?? Can’t be bad......
  4. I’ve just seen on Facebook a local butchers is doing tomahawks for £15 so I might grab a couple on the way past for the freezer. They don’t always have them.
  5. I’m a fan of the steaks on Aldi. Normally I buy the Big Daddy 16oz rump steaks. £4.49. I think for the price their spot on. For Sunday I’ve got their extra thick cut Sirloin steaks. 400g £5.39 I think. You have to pick through them a bit but I’ve got a couple with good marbling. I’ll smoke these and reverse sear. The duck breast filets were £3.39, so I though I’d give them a try. I’ll look up some kind of Chinese 5 spice rub and grill them for crispy skin. I’ll add some pics when I’m home from work.
  6. What's everone got planned for cooking the weekend. My old lady has asked Me to cook steak for mothers day, I've got some duck breasts too. Just hope the weather turns for Sunday.
  7. It not mine and it’s too far for me to go. Theres small kamado bbq for sale on Facebook market place for £100. Its in colchester. I thought this May be of interest for someone local on here. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/439133907410767/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search
  8. So the pork was a success. None left, even my fussy kids ate it. It stalled for a couple of hours at around 65°c so I took it off and wrapped in foil. Extended the snake and put it back on. I fell asleep and went back to it at 11pm. The temp prob read 81°c. Not as high as I expected but the bbq temp was dropping out and the charcoal was all but burned out. It pulled really easily and was super juicy and tender. I guess the temp got up higher and then dropped with the outside and grill temps? Would it have pulled easily at 81° otherwise?
  9. It went on at 10. The top vent wide open and holding steady at 110°c. The rub is this https://www.thespruceeats.com/best-odds-pulled-pork-rub-335885
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