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  1. Not a problem with Inkbird products, the thermometer arrived today and all working ok, thanks
  2. Thanks, I have had problems with bluetooth items not working with iphone in the past and had to buy wifi versions so good to know these will work, I shall order them now
  3. Thanks Wade, I had read somewhere that Hickory was a bit harsh but I shall follow your advice. Martin
  4. I have just put a loin in to cure and looking for pointers on smoke. I did a streaky a few weeks ago and kept it simple, following Wade's advice for a 2.5% cure and then smoked in beech for 20 hours, just finished the last few slices and delighted with the result. This time have added juniper berries and bay leaves to the cure and used muscovado sugar. I had run out of dust for my maze so, using some man maths, I bought a pellet maze and 27kg of pellets as this is much cheaper than using dust, this means I now have cherry, hickory and beech to smoke with. I have only smoked wit
  5. That looks great, I shouldn't read these threads when I am hungry.
  6. Ripple

    Andy Young

    Hi Andy, I do not know anything about your smoker but I would say glowing red is definitely wrong. It looks like you have either had a thermocouple failure or a closed circuit failure in your control circuit. What was the thermocouple reading when the heater was glowing red? Can you not go directly to the manufacturer for parts? I would also look at over temperature control, I am building a hot smoker at the moment and I am using a second temperature controller and thermocouple that will shut of the power if an over temperature event occurs. For a simple over temperatu
  7. Thank you Wade, I shall stop worrying. Martin
  8. Hi, I have been reading the threads about cold smoked salmon and am keen to give it a go. The temperature for next weekend is not going to get above 4ºC with humidity at about 80%, so, I am planning to raise the temperature in my smoker to 20ºC but this will drop the humidity to just over 30%. I am planning to weigh the fish to determine when it is ready but just worried that it will dry out too quickly, or am I over thinking it? Martin
  9. Hi Jo, I used to have the same problem but following advice from here, I now dry my dust in the microwave for a couple of minutes, spread out on a plate. I had never managed to keep a smoke going but now I have not had one go out, did a bacon last weekend with two fills of the maze, about 20 hours, and no issues. Martin
  10. Did some chicken wings yesterday at 64ºC for 60minutes and then on the bbq, much better texture and tasted great
  11. . Yep, downloaded a while ago after seeing it on here I tried a Sous Vide chicken curry last week which ended up in the water for 2.5 hours and found the meat had insufficient texture, the curry also tasted terrible! We cook curry once a week but won't be using the Sous Vide again, but I guess that is part of the fun, finding out what works for you. Did steak tonight, 2 hours at 64ºC, was a bit medium for my liking so shall try 62ºC next time but was delicious. I am struggling with the searing, we both agreed that the steak needs better searing, I shall have t
  12. Some great looking food there! Martin
  13. My charcoal BBQ rotted out so I need to get another because I am really looking forward to doing the same
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