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  1. Just realised my 2nd Jab is on the Saturday so unfortunately can't make it
  2. I am going to try and make it but we have a caravan and two black labs, is that acceptable?
  3. Hi Mike, Great looking smoker. It looks to me like it is good for both hot and cold smoking. Mine is a wooden smoker I built that I use a pellet maze in to generate the smoke, perfect for cold smoking, you should be able to see the maze at the bottom of the attached photo. I have an adjustable air inlet vent, adjustable exhaust vent and a variable speed fan so that I can control the air flow. I would try an adjustable exhaust vent and then experiment, monitoring the smoker internal temperature. Martin
  4. Hi, I read it wrong, I thought it meant assistance dogs only, thanks for the clarification. Martin
  5. Saw this advertised and really wanted to go and camp for the weekend but I see dogs are not allowed ☹️
  6. Just reread that recipe and they combine the salt with the rub, I apply the salt the day before, video of method
  7. I agree with you on the sauce, I think the rub is enough although I do make a sauce as a side but rarely touch it myself. In my previous bbq life, when everything off the bbq was incinerated or raw then sauce was essential! I do spatchcock chicken at 325f based on this https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/chicken-recipes/grilled-citrus-herb-spatchcocked-chicken-recipe The rub he suggests is good but my wife does the chicken rubs now and I have no idea what she puts in them but definitely citrus and herbs.
  8. Being new to all this I have been doing lots of experimenting tried and have found that the smoke production is unpredictable with the wood buried, I now prefer small blocks that I can put on top when I want the smoke, usually adding one every 30 minutes until I think I have had enough smoke.
  9. Glad you got it sorted, now to plan the first smoke
  10. I know nothing about these and the angle that the handle is photographed makes it difficult to see properly, but it looks like the handle pushes through the door from the outside and then the catch clips directly on to the handle, at 90 degrees to the handle
  11. just squeeze them in, i often put three probes in one grommet, just push then in one at a time, the flex is a much smaller diameter than the probe
  12. Had a bit of a panic that I didn’t have enough grill space so went out to get a kettle bbq, thought I would just buy a cheap one but everywhere was out of stock except B&Q and @£100 for a kettle that I knew I would be disappointed with, bought a Weber master touch Did wings on the Weber @225f to have when our friends arrived, my wife made 3 different rubs from herby to hot and they turned out great, she is really getting into the bbq ing. It was really easy to control the temperature on the Webber. Main event was 2 racks of ribs, a leg of lamb that I boned and rolled, and some chic
  13. Cooking wings, thighs, ribs and a leg of lamb tomorrow, fingers crossed for the weather
  14. I have only jus started with bullet cooking and I have been sticking to Makro restaurant grade lump wood, which I guess is the same as Booker's, it may not be the best but it is reasonably priced and I do not want to introduce too many variables whilst I am learning. I think this has paid off because I feel I can easily control the temperature now for for short and long cooks. Good luck Martin
  15. Hi all, After a few weeks with the Razzo I am starting to get a feel for it but Sunday I have friends round and plan to do chicken, ribs and a leg of lamb and want them all ready together. I am happy with the rib and chicken times but have no idea about the lamb. I plan to bone the lamb and roll it but am looking for guidance on how long it will take to cook at 225F? Cheers, Martin
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