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Importing Kamado Grill from China


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Hi Everyone,

I've gone down the rabbit warren, watched 1,000 videos online, and now super keen to get some form of Ceramic egg type grill. They just look mega. However I had no idea how much they were when I first started this new obsession. I simply can't afford anything decent at the moment. In these times, I'm sure I'm not the only one. I want to be spending £700 max.

So I've done a fair amount of research, and outside of the 3 or 4 main manufacturers/ mark leaders (which are clearly a cut about the rest in terms of quality and features), almost all other brands just seem to be re-badging Chinese exports and are still charging £1000+ once you've added on all the odds and sods. They don't seem to have any added value other than a short warranty. Looking at some of the terms, they could almost definitely wriggle out of if they were so inclined. PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG - I'm sure there are outliers, and if there are any companies where I have an option for sub £750 I'd love to hear it.

I found this article very interesting UK Budget Kamado Grill Review (barbecue-smoker-recipes.com)

This just begged the question. If I were going to resort to one of these "Re-Badgers" because of budget... Why not just go direct to the Chinese manufacturer?

I've looked into the different manufacturers in China and I whilst there are hundreds, I see many factories that produce them that are well established, have a large amount of sales and are likely the products that are being passed off as other brands. 

  • Fujian Auplex Kamado Grill Co
  • Fujian Steel Egg Hardware
  • Wuxi M.y. Advanced Grill Co
  • Fuzhou Kimstone Ceramic Technology

I have managed to get quotes from each company. I've kept the brief quite similar for comparison, and to be honest, the cost difference is negligible between them. The Fugian Steel Egg seems to be the front runner from my initial research, as the materials used, videos and QA processes look good.

The costs for a 23ish inch grill, with upgraded everything (hinge, vents, gasket, thermometer, trolley etc.) and all the accessories (divide and conquer, deflector plates, cover, rib rack etc.) the total costs comes out about $400, so we're talking 4-5x lower than a UK reseller. But here's the kicker...!!! The shipping fee for a single grill is ~$970. Mental! complete deal breaker. I'd guess these are going to fluctuate all the time (this is Jan 2023). 

However, when probing more, the cost for shipping 2 is basically the same so halves the price. Shipping 4 is $75 more, shipping 10 would be $200 more etc. so economies of scale really come in to force. So for 10 Grills we'd be talking ~$520 (£425) each including shipping and all the bells and whistles.

I've got absolutely no physical experience with the aforementioned products, so I'd love to get some guidance on whether this is a fools errand, or a viable solution of getting a lower cost grill. I realise this may be a bit contentious and fully expect some abuse :). The whole thing feels a bit dodgy, but I have imported things from China before and its been fine and think this might be a winner.

Further more, If this is a good solution, a bulk order for the UK, figuring out logistics once landed, is the only option to make this commercially viable. So drop a note if this is something you'd be interested in going with a joint venture.

Anyway, can of works opened, I look forward to the discussion...


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You could go down the route of importing and you might get a good deal. If you can get a few people to chip in then you'd get a great discount. But I think that's the issue, You have to get quite a few people to be willing to put their cash in. Then there's the issues that they might back out last minute leaving you with multiple Kamados to pay for and or store. 

Whilst a 23" Kamado is great I have been enjoying using the Aldi Kamado thats only 18" Diameter with 16" cook space. Currently £399. I got a Rotisserie for £169 and a Divide and Conquer for £80 and a Half moon Cast iron for £40 last year. I know prices are higher now but you can still get some good deals before BBQ season restarts.  

It's really up too you but for most cooks I find the 18" kamado big enough. I do also have a 22" WSM for when I need more space. Personally I wouldn't take the risk of importing unless I personally knew the people, even then I'd be apprehensive. But fingers crossed you can get a few good people. 

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No matter how you tie this up commercially with a supplier in China with I wouldn’t even entertain it. Nevermind waiting for the products to arrive on a boat (assume that’s the mode?) and hoping each one arrives in a satisfactory condition.  Whatever you think of the warranty wording, in the UK you have consumer protection enshrined in law. And above that, customer service where many people do generally care about  their customer base. Every year there’s stories of the Aldi units that arrive broken and damaged that just get replaced or a discount agreed. I wouldn’t want to pursue that directly with a manufacturer based in China. And if you do get a bulk order, you’ll carry the risk and cost for the onward distribution within the UK to whoever comes in with you. All sounds a PITA but if you have the headspace/time/appetite, crack on!

note: I’ve had an Aldi unit for 4 years now. Best £400 I’ve spent. Never really gone down the bells and whistles route but as Hoogl says there’s upgrades along the way once you’ve found your feet you can add in….

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There are loads of kamado grills available in the uk for under £700 anyone of them is going to be suitable and most of them probably come form one of the factories you’ve got quotes from.

I did see the wild goose kamado on offer for £499, it’s basically a re-badged Kamado Joe classic I.


If you like the idea of a steel kamado, I think you can get the char grilled Akorn for under £600.


I definitely wouldn’t bother with the hassle of importing something that is already available here.

Good luck with whichever option you go for.

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I agree with the others, I think its a high risk/reward idea and would not personally take the risk. I would be more willing to risk it if they had no risk of cracking in transit.

I managed to get my Monolith kamado in 2019 and its still in great condition.... it did take 5 years to finally get one though haha. Well worth it though when you consider how long they can potentially last (regardless of brand).

Welcome to the forum by the way👍

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Personally for all the reasons listed I'd pay the extra and order from a UK based store. You could get a Weber Kettle or a Bullet smoker to start if it's your first time to smoking and pick up a deal or used Kamado later. Aldi/Lidl usually do the small Kamado for about £50 at the end of BBQ season. 

Best of luck and let us know what you go for. I'd be interested to see a import story. 


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Thanks guys, really love the activity in this forum. I think I’ll heed the advise and opt for a UK based Kamado, and I’ll post in here what I’ve gone with.

I may start a side hustle one day and import on mass, but don’t see the value for personal use based on your comments. There definitely seems like a lot of room in the margins to offer a superior product at a middling price point, but I guess the hike in price is down to breakages and warranty. 

I may still opt to batch order a tone of accessories as they wouldn’t have the risk of breakages and shipping would be much less.

I’m sure I’ll be back on soon for some cooking inspiration and will keep you posted

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A good option could be the kamado joe classic series 1 (if they are still available), throughout last year they got some great discounts that im sure @pittmab remembers😉

Im pretty sure (have to double check) they come with the split firebox design aswell rather than the old all-in-one design thats prone to cracking.


According to one website, the classic 1 includes the divide and conquer cooking grid rather than the old full circle style.

Getting some accessories imported is a good idea. Keep us posted on how you get on and good luck on your search🍻👍

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Does look like a good option, you say its more than you wanted to spend but I would consider how much it would cost to get another likewise kamado and then kit it out to the same accessories....seems like a really competitive price to me 👍

Based on my experience they are ticking alot of boxes to make it a real contender, taking the best innovations from the market innovators. I really like the glazed deflector plates. I got drip trays included with my kamado and they are a godsend at keeping them clean, couldnt imagine grilling without them but the glazed deflector plates look like a great alternative😁

Only question I have is: does it have a split firebox or all in one firebox?

It would be the beast variant for me😉👍

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Yeah good point - I really don’t want the hassle either. It looks like the same manufacturer I found in China as the upgrades are quite similar, could be identical. But the exterior pattern is definitely unique and the matte finish looks super cool. They’ve obviously tried to differentiate.

Trolley and tables also look like unique upgrades as well.

If I’m right, it’d be an all on one fire box. I’ll get the low down tomorrow including shipping costs.

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Only reason I ask about the firebox is the all in ones are prone to cracking due to thermal expansion, split ones eliminate (almost eliminate?) the risk of cracking....however it would probably be covered under warranty since most (maybe all?) brands do. Not a deal breaker by any means but it takes the worry away.

Alternatively there is also quinta kamado's


I heard about these a while back and they look decent....but since im not allowed another kamado 🤔, I did zero research on them so I know next to nothing about them

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It does seem like a bargain especially for the size. You could always kit it out with upgrades along the way if you wanted, since it would work out cheaper still. My kamado is almost 4 years old and I have only just upgraded the top vent and gasket (I wanted to upgrade but didnt need to).

Hinge looks nice and sturdy, looks like it has 6 springs and a similar design to the Primo brand👍

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Hi Guy's

Just a general comment Ive been involved in the importation of £1000's worth of goods from China, (in whats called these days as a side hustle) its really not that scary.

People are helpful, damages in my experience are replaced FOC with no questions, and quality is proportional to what you pay, just like the UK but orders of magnitude cheaper. 

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Personally I think that you'd be nuts to import something as large, heavy and fragile as a ceramic grill all the way from China on a one-off basis.

You can buy those from kamado.co.uk. Or, for £799 delivered get a Louisiana Grill from Costco (same grill, just rebadged). https://www.costco.co.uk/p/24kamadogrill


I bought one of those and 4 years of heavy use later found a hairline crack in the base. Costco collected it and refunded me the full cost, no quibbles. Try that with a grill that you imported by yourself!

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On 1/22/2023 at 7:43 PM, AdamG said:

I really like the glazed deflector plates

That was what caught my eye. A nice solution without using drip trays etc. 

The Award and Quinta ones look like great deals.

My main issue with the Evolve one is I don't think it's really providing anything different. When KJ first appeared in 2009 they had a different hinge and I don't think there was as much competition on the Market for the Big Green Egg (Though I'm happy to be corrected) now there are many of brands at all ends of the pricing/quality spectrum. Other than the glazed deflectors I didn't see anything revolutionary to the design. Though I do agree that it does have some good kit with it. Plus there's also the question of other accessories such as rotisserie, will a 3rd party one fit or if you need replacement parts. 

Whilst the Lifetime warranty sounds great I'd rather have one from a brand that I think will still be here in 5 or 10 years. Or from a brick & mortar store such as Costco as@The Chairmaker said. 

But I'm a more cautious person so for the more adventurous amongst us I'd say go for it and light the way :)  

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Just thought I’d drop you all an update. I ended up going for the award leisure option, 27”. It was from a OEM In China but couldn’t find the factory.

first impressions are great, it’s just ginormous!! I had no idea 😂 and can’t believe the value. All accessories look premium, the grills are thick, and the pizza stone looks decent. The fire pit isn’t fully segmented but does have the one side open which I assume is slightly better than a single bowl. Stand seams good, and the tools came with it. Complete bargain for £500 I think.

I’ll do a full review once I’ve started cooking which of course is the important thing!

But here’s some pics…










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