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Embroidered Badges


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Lindsey has just told me she can blanket stitch patch onto my apron using sewing machine. Nice tip from wife. Apron in wash. I will post picture and if it looks decent then open up offer for anyone who wants on 3 quid each.  

Just let me know what name you want in middle and what colour you want each element of badge. If I have the thread then can do.   I have about 80 different colours here. Black is safest match....


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Badge complete wade, washed of the dissolvable and now it is drying.   I am really happy with it as it has come up better than my one.  I used a double layer of backing and that has helped. Post it or when you next see me?


You can hand sew it on or if you have machine blanket stitch. I could have done a iron on backing but it would not be as permanent .

Anyone else want one, let me know £3 plus 1st or 2nd class post.



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other badges i have for events.

I figure a badge and then in future years i can do year banners to go underneath. I can fill in the words that go on these templates.  That way they can be personlised easy




If want ones for northern and midland tailgates, I can get them digistised for but they cost £12 each to get that done, but once done they are done. Same goes for anything else you want as a badge. Just let me know and I will see what can be done

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2 hours ago, Justin said:

Badge complete wade, washed of the dissolvable and now it is drying.  



Hi Justin, what is this dissolvable that has to be washed off?

All of my work garments that I have had done over the years, have not had to be washed before I collect them. They come straight off the Embridory Machine ready to wear?

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