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hi all we meet your group in Honley in Yorkshire a few weeks ago and Justin got me /us interested, ray is retired but likes to bbq  for our family while Ann is still working , we both live in Hailsham , Nr Eastbourne on the south coast, we had a gas bbq and now have both a kettle coal bbq and the gas one , will be looking for ideas and tips how to get the best from using both 


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Hi Ray and Ann. Welcome to the forum. The Honley tailgate was a fun weekend and I am glad that you enjoyed the BBQ. What do you currently cook on your BBQs and what do you think you would want to try?

I am guessing that you are comfortable with grilling foods like chicken, sausage, burgers etc. The next thing that you will need to experiment with is managing the temperature inside your BBQ so that you can both roast and cook low-and-slow. Believe it or not it is usually easier to control the temperature over time in the kettle BBQ than it is in the Gas BBQ. The first couple of times that you try you are likely to find it tricky to keep the temperature constant and so starting with something forgiving would be best. Hot roasting a joint of roasting beef or pork is good. Some people even start with sausages on the basis that if they don't work out, they are cheap and at least the dog will eat them ?. After that, progress onto ribs, pulled pork and brisket.

One thing that you will need to buy (if you haven't already got one) is a dual probe digital thermometer so that you can accurately see the temperature in the BBQ cooking chamber and the temperature of the meat you are cooking.These are not expensive but you will struggle without one.

Let us know what you would like to try and we can help with some step-by-step instructions to follow. Once you have mastered the temperature control you will realise that it is not rocket science and you will quickly progress.

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Welcome aboard Ray and Ann.  It was lovely meeting you both and your brilliant dogs. I glad you enjoyed the event and have taken time to come see more.  Do look at the recipes s on the forum and ask question what ever they are about anything and we will all try and help you and learn.  Hope to meet up with you again some time at another event.  Do joint the relevant group  where you are and keep eyes peeled.

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