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  1. Ray10ANN10

    UDS No2

    thanks gent its appreciated
  2. Ray10ANN10

    UDS No2

    but doesnt it lose heat because of it not fitting ?
  3. Ray10ANN10

    UDS No2

    hi Tabs thanks for the info tried to cook some beef the other day and overdone it , the dogs enjoyed it though
  4. Ray10ANN10

    UDS No2

    hi how did you ensure the lid fits correctly , im finding that even welding a strip around the ring it still leaves the weber lid wobbling about thanks for your help all
  5. Ray10ANN10

    UDS No2

    hi thanks for info, hope to order 1 soon then the fun can begin, thanks again
  6. Ray10ANN10

    UDS No2

    can you send their details please, it would be appreciated
  7. Ray10ANN10

    UDS No2

    sorry thought it was london ,were in the south east so to far to go thanks again ray10 ann10
  8. Ray10ANN10

    UDS No2

    ice fever . where in bromley are you getting the drom from address please RAY10ANN10
  9. Ray10ANN10

    new members Ray10Ann10

    hi all we meet your group in Honley in Yorkshire a few weeks ago and Justin got me /us interested, ray is retired but likes to bbq for our family while Ann is still working , we both live in Hailsham , Nr Eastbourne on the south coast, we had a gas bbq and now have both a kettle coal bbq and the gas one , will be looking for ideas and tips how to get the best from using both