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Northern Tailgate & BBQ Weekend Pin Badges

Smokin Monkey

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So last weekend was our 1st Northern Tailgate and BBQ Weekend Event. I must say it was a great success, and we picked up new Forum members because of it, @Sarah Duffy, @Neil Craven, @Debbie.

We are looking at producing Pin Badges to mark each event with the date and year on.


Taken the price down, as I have asked others to quote, and can get them much cheaper!

Big question is, who would be interested in purchasing one or two ? if we where to go ahead and order. 

4 weeks delivery time from when we order.

Would do them through the site Store and payment would be via PayPal.

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Priced removed, awaiting new prices.
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May seem a bit presumptuous but there’s probably places you can get them pretty cheap. I’ve used dot2dot branding a lot (not metal pins) but woven labels and trolley keys. They’re very good.


Essentially they’re all made in China and I generally find if you contact the China manufacturers deirectly, they are happy to make up some samples before you commit to large orders. May be a way to get a handful for a few quid and check qualities for future orders?

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No real progress yet, i have been in discussion with China to make them, its all do able, it all comes down to cost. The real minimum i can order is 20, so do not quote me on this, be you would be looking around £7.50 per badge.

I have had some progress on Stickers, ordered a trial batch



I know its the wrong date!


These are measure 150mm x 80mm approx and would cost in the region of £3.00 each

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